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Northwest Missouri State University


The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy provides students with the rich history of the Western philosophical tradition and the values of free, impartial and disciplined inquiry embodied therein. The major in philosophy fosters skills of critical thinking and clear expression, which are transferable to any field, and integrates philosophical study with other fields through interdisciplinary electives.

Advanced Standing Requirement

To be granted advanced standing, all philosophy majors must have 1) been assigned an advisor in their major; and 2) completed, with a grade of "C" or better, at least one course in each of the areas of history, government, social science and humanities from the General Education Requirements; and 3) completed, with a grade of "C" or better, Phil 39-171 Introduction to Philosophy.

B.A. Degree; 31 hours; Minor required
Core Requirement Courses Hours
Phil 39-273 Introduction to Logic 3
*Phil 39-274 Introduction to EthicsHistorical/Theoretical 3
Phil 39-275     OR Introduction to Ethics: Professional 3
Phil 39-276     OR Introduction to Ethics: Bio-Medical 3
Phil 39-376 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 3
Phil 39-377 History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy 3
Phil 39-570 Metaphysics 3
Phil 39-571 Epistemology 3
Phil 39-401 Senior Seminar 1
Total Core Hours 19

Two courses from each of the following groups:

Group A 6
Hist 33-542 American Ideas 3
Phil 39-374 Philosophy of Religion 3
Phil 39-475 Aesthetics 3
Phil 39-490 Advanced Topics in Philosophy (if appropriate) 3
Eng 10-525 Special Studies (if appropriate) 3
Sp 29-235 Introduction to Classical Rhetoric 3
Sp 29-330 Semantics and Linguistics 3
Group B 6
Phil 39-473 Philosophical Anthropology 3
Phil 39-474 Philosophy of the Sciences 3
Phil 39-490 Advanced Topics in Philosophy (if appropriate) 3
Psych 08-423 History and Systems of Psychology 3
Psych 08-473 Cognitive Psychology 3
PolS 34-440 Early Western Political Thought 3
PolS 34-441 Modern Western Political Thought 3
Sci Ed 28-550 History of Science and Technology 3
Total Course Hours Required 31

*Cannot be used to fulfill any General Education Requirement

NOTE: Phil 39-490 Advanced Topics in Philosophy cannot be used for the major more than twice. Psych 08-423 and 473 have prerequisite courses determined by their appropriate departments. It is recommended that a student interested in these electives explore the possibility of a minor in these areas.