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Northwest Missouri State University

M.A. History

M.A. candidates are expected to specialize in at least two fields of study, and the comprehensive examination will be based on those fields. There are a minimum of specific requirements and prerequisites, permitting the student, in consultation with an advisor, to devise a program which best meets the student's needs and interests.

The M.A. must be taken with a thesis. Prior to the completion of 18 graduate hours, each M.A. candidate in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences must present a prospectus of his/her proposed thesis to the graduate faculty of the department. This prospectus should include the specific topic for the proposed thesis, the methodological approach, a tentative outline, and a preliminary bibliography clearly indicating the primary and secondary source materials that will be utilized. No M.A. candidate will be permitted to enroll in Hist 33-699 Thesis until the graduate faculty has approved the prospectus and a Master's Thesis Committee has been appointed.

Courses Hours
Required Coures 14
Hist 33-601 Research Methods and Historiography 3
Hist 33-620 Seminar in American History OR 3
Hist 33-621 Seminar in Modern American History
Hist 33-610 Seminar in Central and East European History 3
Hist 33-630 Seminar in European and Area Studies
Hist 33-631 Seminar in Modern Europe
Hist 33-699 Thesis 5
Fields of Study 18

Courses selected from two of the following fields and/or approved courses in corollary fields (e.g., political science, philosophy, humanities, social science, etc.) to total 18 hours.

U.S. History to 1877
Hist 33-524, 526, 534, 542, 562, 582, 620, 690

U.S. History Since 1877
Hist 33-501, 525, 526, 542, 556, 562, 565, 582, 590, 620, 621, 690

Hist 33-506, 513, 517, 521, 589, 610, 630, 631, 690
Pol Sci 34-510, 525

Total Credit Hours 32

Comprehensive Examination

The examination will be scheduled and administered by faculty members in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The content of the examination will be arranged with the departmental Director of Graduate Studies. The degree candidate must pass all portions of the examination.