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Northwest Missouri State University

Terms and Conditions

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Standard Housing Conditions

  1. Students living in University residence halls must have a meal contract. Any exceptions (i.e., medical or internship) must be approved by Housing and Food Service officials.
  2. This agreement is for a contracted period, typically the fall and spring trimesters; or, if signed after the beginning of the trimester, for the remainder of the academic year/trimester.
  3. The University wishes to maintain flexible housing policies that are in the best interest of all students. For this reason, students who are not first-time freshmen or those who are at least 21 years of age may live in housing of their own choice. First-time freshmen must live in the residence halls unless they are married or are commuting from their parents' (or guardians') primary residence. (Freshmen commuting from home must complete the commuter form attached to the outside of the acceptance packet.) The Housing and Food Service Agreement is for the entire academic year. Release from this agreement is not automatic and, as such, should not be assumed.
  4. Students will pay the housing/food service fees that are established by Northwest Missouri State University, including a housing pre-payment as outlined below. If the installment plan is selected, students must follow the schedule that is established by the Cashiering Office. No student will be allowed to enroll for the next trimester if any fees are outstanding.
  5. Cancellation of Housing and Food Service Agreement will be permitted as follows:
    • Agreement may be canceled in writing and postmarked on or before June 1 without charge and with refund of the housing pre-payment, if appropriate. Additionally, new agreements for the spring trimester may be canceled in writing and postmarked on or before December 1 without charge and with refund of the housing pre-payment, if appropriate. Residents should note, however, that termination of the agreement during the academic year is not automatic and should not be assumed.
    • Students will forfeit the housing pre-payment upon notifying the Housing/Food Service offices to cancel the academic year agreement after June 1 and before the first day of verification/registration for the fall trimester (or new agreements for the spring trimester after December 1 and before the first day of verification/registration for spring trimester).
    • There will be no release during a trimester from the Housing and Food Service Agreement on or after the first day of verification/registration of the trimester. Exceptions to this policy may be petitioned. Students approved for release will forfeit the housing pre-payment and will be charged 35 percent of their remaining room and board balance for the contract period as a cancellation fee. These students will be eligible for pro-rated refunds the first 20 days of each trimester, as established by the University Cashiering Office.
    • Resident students who cancel their Housing and Food Service Agreement at the end of the fall trimester and do not return to the University for the spring trimester will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, they must notify the Residential Life Office by November 15 to be eligible for a refund of their housing deposits. Notification after November 15 will result in forfeit of pre-payment.
  6. Exceptions to Conditions of the Agreement: Any exception to the conditions of the agreement must be approved by the appropriate Housing/Food Services personnel. These exceptions must be approved before the effective date of the agreement, and the exceptions must be in writing and attached to the agreement.
  7. Agreement Clarifications: Any questions concerning the Housing and Food Service Agreement should be addressed to the Director of Residential Life, J.W. Jones Student Union, Northwest Missouri State University, 800 University Drive, Maryville, MO 64468-6001, phone: (660) 562-1214.
  8. Termination of the Housing and Food Service Agreement by Northwest Missouri State University: Dismissal of a student from the University or Residence Halls for any reason shall constitute grounds for termination of the Housing and Food Services Agreement. Forfeitures, cancellation fees and pro-rated refunds will be made as established by the University Cashiering Office. Students removed from housing because of disciplinary action will be charged the cancellation fees.

The University reserves the right, at its discretion, to determine that past behavior and/or criminal activity is such that the interests of the University, the student and/or other students would be best served by alteration or cancellation of the housing agreement. If the University becomes aware that a student has a record of criminal conviction(s) or other actions indicating behavior that could pose a risk to person or property and/or could be injurious or disruptive to the residence hall community or the living-learning environment, the University may not accept or may cancel the Housing and Food Services Agreement.

Release From Housing and Food Service Agreement

The Housing and Food Services Agreement is for the entire academic year. Release at the end of the fall trimester should not be assumed. Residents with extreme and unusual circumstances may wish to be released from their agreements. In view of its own obligations, the University is limited in its ability to release students from their agreements. Thus, the University considers only those requests where residents have incurred a significant change in their circumstances, beyond their control, since the date their arrangement became active. Weight loss programs and commercial weight loss programs (i.e., Weight Watchers) are not reasons for release from meal plans. Residents will be asked to fill out a petition form and submit it for review. Petitions must be received in the Residential Life Office no later than November 15. Residents should not forego the use of services or make any future commitments until they are officially released. The University will release residents from their agreements if they:

  1. Graduate during the agreement period.
  2. Will be student teaching and will not be residing in the Maryville area.
  3. Enter legally into marriage and are able to present the marriage certificate as documentation, in which case, they will forfeit their deposit and will be assessed the cancellation fee of 35 percent of their remaining contract balance for the year.
  4. Are academically dismissed from the University
  5. Totally withdraw from classes, in which case they will forfeit their deposit and will be assessed a prorated room and board charge.

Unless officially released from the Housing and Food Services Agreement, students will be held responsible for the full agreement amount of their room and board charges. Students released from their contract because of extenuating circumstances will be required to pay 35 percent of the remaining balance of their contract.

Special Housing Conditions

  1. Housing Pre-Payment: A pre-payment of $150.00 must accompany the student's Housing and Food Service Agreement. This payment will act first as a deposit to hold a room reservation. Once the reservation is held and the student moves in, the pre-payment will be applied to the housing bill. Damage charges, if any, will be billed directly to the student.
  2. Vacations: Rooms may be occupied according to the academic calendar; rooms may not be occupied by students when residence halls are closed for vacation periods and between trimesters or during vacation periods that are subsequently declared by the University, except in those residence halls that are designated as being open during vacation times. If a student stays in one of the open halls during vacation time, the student will be charged an additional nightly fee.
  3. Occupancy: If the student fails to occupy accommodations on or before the first day of classes of the period covered by this agreement without having notified the Residential Life Office of his or her delayed arrival, accommodations may be assigned to another student; delayed arrival, however, shall not relieve the student of the responsibility for accepting other available University accommodations assigned to him or her.
  4. Northwest reserves and shall have the right to:
    • Change the room assignment and require the student to move to different accommodations when Northwest deems it necessary;
    • Take over and use the room in the event of public emergency;
    • Use the room during vacation periods to house mature, responsible groups for educational purposes, in which event, advance notice will be given and provisions will be made for storing student's property;
    • Enter and inspect the room at any reasonable time for purposes of maintaining health, safety and general welfare, included but not limited to, repairs, general maintenance and inventory.
  5. Room Furnishings and Services: Students are required to furnish their own bed linen, pillows, blankets, bedspreads, wastebasket and curtains and are required to clean their own rooms. Cleaning service is not provided in student rooms. Northwest and the students are expected to maintain safe and sanitary conditions.
  6. Fire, Theft or Damage: Northwest shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any of the student's personal property from any cause whatsoever. In the event that the accommodations assigned to the student are destroyed or otherwise made unavailable and Northwest does not furnish other accommodations in the same or another residence hall, the agreement shall terminate and all rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall cease, and the right of Northwest to any of the payment previously made by the student shall be pro-rated on the basis of the period for which accommodations were made available to the student.
  7. Policies, Rules and Regulations: The student shall comply with all policies, rules and regulations of the residence hall in which he or she lives.
  8. Use of Room: The room is to be occupied by the student signing the housing agreement and may not be sublet. It is understood that rooms are for student residence purposes only and that no occupant is to use or permit the room to be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

Special Food Service Conditions

  1. The first meal to be served in the Northwest facilities under any meal plan will be lunch on the first day of verification/registration for each trimester. Meals will not be served when the University is not in session for classes, during vacations, between trimesters or during vacation periods which may be subsequently declared by the University.
  2. Rules and Regulations: Food provided under the terms of this agreement will be consumed only by the signer of this agreement upon presentation of the Bearcat Card. Students must abide by health and safety standards in the dining areas. Food cannot be removed from certain dining areas without authorization from the Director of Dining Services. Violations of these rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action.
  3. Lost cards: Students must report to the I.D. Office immediately if their cards are lost to ensure that someone else does not use the lost card. Students will be responsible for any money that is used by someone else on their lost cards. Replacement cards are issued at a cost of $20.  A $5 refund will be given if the old card is returned. Students will also be responsible for alterations or defacing of or excessive damage to Bearcat Cards.
  4. Eligibility: Only enrolled students and authorized employees of the University are eligible to sign a food service agreement.