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Northwest Missouri State University

Graduate Assistant Hall Director FAQ

What does an HD’s typical work week look like? 

Hall Directors (HDs) spend the bulk of their time in their residential communities, supervising, advising and working with residents and student staff. Along with committee meetings and administrative responsibilities HDs hold weekly staff meetings and 1 on 1s with student staff. They also advise Hall Council which typically meets in the evening.

What is the type of interaction that an HD can expect to have with his/her residents? 

Due to the size of our residence halls (the typical residence hall at Northwest has around 300 residents); HDs generally interact most with residents who are actively involved within the community, as well as with residents who come to the HD’s attention through the conduct process. However, the amount of interaction really depends on the HD and their personality as well as their willingness to go up on the floors and meet students where they live.

What advising roles exist for HDs? 

HDs at Northwest have the opportunity to advise Hall Councils and advise and work with a variety of groups, including the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).

What is the collaborative nature of the HD position among the Residential Life staff at Northwest? 

The HD staff members work both together and autonomously throughout the year. Opportunities for collaborative work exist through programmatic efforts as well as committee assignments. In addition, as members of the Residential Life Team, HDs contribute toward goal planning, implementation and assessment for the Residential Life unit.

Does the HD position allow opportunities for committee participation within the Department? If so, what are some examples? 

As an organization, we accomplish much of our work through committees. There are a variety of committees within Residential Life that HDs preference annually committees they wish to work with. Examples include Pro Staff Selection, Pro Staff Training, Student Staff Selection, and Student Staff Training.

As a new HD at Northwest, what can I expect from my supervisors and peers during my orientation for the position?

During late summer and early autumn, all HDs receive formal training that features extensive goal setting and planning, professional skill development and robust discussion related to the position. Additionally, new HDs receive an orientation to Northwest and the Maryville community as well as training on the functional aspects of the position. Current HDs participate in the orientation and training of new HDs through peer mentor roles, covering topics such as duty, office setup, and campus/community orientation.

What support is there for professional development and tuition remission?

We are committed to the professional and personal development of our staff, and we operate within the parameters set by Northwest’s travel and financial guidelines to provide local, regional and national professional-development opportunities. HDs have attended and volunteered at UMR-ACUHO and MoCPA. It is common for our HDs to give presentations at both regional and local conferences and have articles published.

What are the apartments like?

The HD apartments are furnished and contain one or two bedrooms, depending on the building. Because of significant variances between buildings, it is difficult to generalize about apartment layout/size.

What about the Dining Plan?

Each HD receives a meal plan each semester (including summer), which works just like a debit account.

What is your domestic partnership policy for HDs?

HDs have the option to have a partner or a roommate live with them. However, HDs are not allowed to charge rent to whoever they might have live with them.

What is the pet policy for HDs? 

HDs may have one cat or a small (25 lbs or less) dog. All pets need to be approved of in advance by the Assistant Director of Residential Life Student Success.  

What about parking?

Parking is near the building in which the HD resides, and is a reserved space.

If I am invited to campus for an interview, how are travel expenses handled? 

Candidates who are invited to campus participate in a one-day interview process on campus. Candidates will have all meals during the interview day paid for by their host. Also, if you require accommodations, you will be housed in an on campus guest apartment. Accommodations will be covered for up to two days if there is travel involved. Candidates make their own travel arrangements. The travel (airfare, or mileage if driving) reimbursement policy is as follows:

What is next in the recruitment process? 

Upon completion of the current interviews, candidates will be identified for On-Campus interview invitations. Pending the success of the on-campus interviews, we will decide to either make an offer to a candidate or invite additional candidates to campus. The position is open until filled with a start date of July 8, 2013.