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Northwest Missouri State University

Live On 2018-19

2018-19 Housing Selection Schedule for 

Current Residents

Click Here for How-To Videos of the Room Selection System!

December 1st - January 28th:  Keep My Same Room

  • For eligible students wishing to keep their same room for 2018-19.
  • If a current roommate is not returning, the current resident may pull in any student to be a new roommate during this phase.

January 29th – February 4th: Same Building, Different Room

  • For eligible students wanting to live in their same building, but a different room.
  • Any current resident eligible to select during this phase may pull in any student, regardless of where that student lives.
  • January 29th: Current Seniors/Grad students select
  • January 30th: Current Juniors select
  • January 31st: Current Sophomores select
  • February 1st: Current Freshmen select
  • February 2nd - 4th:  Same Building, Different Room process remains open for any eligible student who has not selected

February 5th-6th: General Room Selection with Room Fill Requirement

  • Any student, any available space.
  • When selecting, student groups must be able to fill all beds in the room. 
  • The vast majority of rooms are 2 or 4 person.  Being able to fill a room and choose now will increase your chances of getting the space you want!
  • February 5th: Grad students, Current Seniors, and Current Juniors select.  Specific times will be emailed to your Northwest email account by February 1st.
  • February 6th: Current Sophomores and Freshmen select.  Specific times will be emailed to your Northwest email account by February 1st.

February 7th-8th: General Room Selection

  • Any student, any available space, with no requirement to fill the room (Any group of students who can fill a room or apartment may still select at any time).
  • February 7th: Grad students, Current Seniors, and Current Juniors select.  Specific times will be emailed to your Northwest email account by February 1st.
  • February 8th: Current Sophomores and Freshmen select.  Specific times will be emailed to your Northwest email account by February 1st.

Selection of Rooms Happens Online!

Click Here for How-To Videos of the Room Selection System!

  1. Logon to CatPAWS
  2. Click the Housing button.
  3. Click the "Enter Housing System" button.
  4. Click the "Enter Housing System" link.
    • No Prepayment! You will see a button to make a $150 housing payment.  This is for first time Northwest students who live on campus only.  Students returning to on-campus housing do not need to pay.
  5. Under the "Current Students" section, click the "Enter Here!" button.
  6. Under the "Housing Selection" section, click the "Select My 2018-19 Room" button.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions from there.
  8. You will need to complete Step 1: Completing your Housing & Food Agreement and Step 2: Select Your Room.

Improve the Odds of Getting the Room You Want!

  • The majority of students select their room during General Room Selection, starting February 5th.  However, if you plan to live with someone already living in the building you want, they can pull you in as their roommate during earlier phases of the process!
  • Win the right to select first during General Room Selection!  Attend our Open House night Thursday, January 25th, 5-10PM.  Start at Dieterich main lounge.  5 Winners of this prize will be drawn!  
  • During General Room Selection, students who can fill the room/apartment they are applying get to choose before those who can't.  If your roommate group has 4 students, even if they are all currently freshmen, they get to choose before (for example) a group of three seniors who would leave an empty bed.
  • Can men and women live together?  Yes!  When you complete your housing selection, complete the Gender Neutral Agreement.  This will unlock areas of campus that permit multiple genders living together for selection to you.
  1. Freshmen: Do you know that some of the policies are relaxed after your first year?  For instance, visitation hours are expanded to 24/7.
  2. Financial aid can help you pay your room and board costs. Most financial aid won't pay your off-campus rent or utilities.
  3. Did you know that South Complex has lofts?  These spaces are two stories!  There are three 4-person lofts and one 6-person loft.  Two residents share individual bedrooms in the loft.  Bathrooms are located on both levels of each loft.
  4. Thinking about living in the Forest Village Apartments? Good news!
    • Your parking pass will be free with your paid housing fees!
    • Forest Village allows pets!  Cats and dogs under 25 lbs. are ALLOWED! We also permit small caged animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, and gerbils.
    • Did you know there is a POD Convenience Store (similar to the Station, but a little smaller) in the FVA Community Building?
    • Did you know that FVA residents are not required to have a meal plan? They also have the option of smaller 25/50/75 block meal plans that other residents don't get.
  5. On-Campus Utilities:
    • Water: INCLUDED.
    • Sewer & Trash: INCLUDED.
    • Electricity: INCLUDED.
    • Cable TV:INCLUDED.
    • Internet: INCLUDED.
    • Washer/Dryer: INCLUDED.
    • All of these included off-campus?  Water, sewer, & trash... maybe.  Gas, TV and Internet? Forget it.
  6. Think you've found the perfect off-campus roommate?  Talk to your friends.  It's not always the case.  Think your landlord is going to let you out of your lease because your roommate won't clean his or her share of the apartment?  Think again!  Stay on campus and: 
    • Our staff will help you resolve your disagreements and conflicts.
    • If it doesn't work out, we will let you move to a different room.
  7. Grocery shopping is fun... the first time.  Remember how easy it is to just to head to the Union or the Station and have food ready to go with no cooking involved?
  8. When it snows, we shovel the walks and clear the lots.
  9. Maintenance issues? Odds are pretty good that on campus maintenance will be a lot faster than off campus.
  10. Rolling out of bed 5 minutes before class... no problem because you live close by! Live off campus and you need to make time for the drive and the walk from commuter parking.  If it's snowing, you don't have to worry about scraping snow and ice off your car either.
  11. Don't forget about safety.  University Police patrols are able to give all parts of campus more attention than patrols for off campus apartment complexes.
Students currently living off campus and want to move back should email Scott Shields, Assistant Director of Operations.  He will make sure you receive instructions as to when and how you can select a room.  All emails will be sent to your Northwest email account.