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Etiquette Evening



Help Business Management students practice their etiquette skills with local business professionals.

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Etiquette Evening

Your gift will help Career Services and the Alumni House in the coordination of inviting business professionals to Northwest's campus for an evening of etiquette, an event that would not be possible without you. This event will provide students with a chance to hone in on their networking skills and learn the dining and etiquette rules of the business world.  This unique experience will also let students apply the concepts they have learned in their courses and help them further their preparation for their future career.

"Taking it to the next level by allowing them to learn and practice these skills amongst business professionals will offer a unique experience for the students and an opportunity for alumni to interact with our current students in an informal environment. Every leg up we can give our students in this competitive job environment is a win-win for all involved."

Mrs. Cindy Kenkel
Assistant Professor of Management in the Department of Business

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