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Excellence in Photojournalism Scholarship

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Donate toward endowing a scholarship for photojournalism students.

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Excellence in Photojournalism Scholarship

Your donation toward the Excellence in Photojournalism Scholarship will help this scholarship become endowed. An endowment means this scholarship will be provided to students in perpetuity. Once endowed, this scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman who is enrolled in at least 12 hours per trimester, who submits a portfolio of his or her photographic work and is on the Northwest Missourian or Tower Yearbook staffs during the fall and spring trimesters of his or her freshman year.

This scholarship was started in part by Laura Widmer, assistant professor and director of Northwest student publications, who is retiring this year. Currently, there are no photojournalism scholarships at Northwest. This scholarship will help honor the great tradition established by the award-winning journalism staffs in Northwest's history.

The Northwest Foundation has set a goal to have this scholarship endowed in honor of her retirement.

"Please join me in making a future photojournalist's dream come true. I hope you will contribute to the Excellence in Photojournalism Scholarship. Your contribution will help a photographer start his or her career in student publications. If those days bring back memories of good friends and incredible publications, then I encourage you to donate now. I appreciate your willingness to give back to the program that started your career.

Thanks for the 29 years of stud pub memories. I truly had the best kids and best job in the world!"

Laura Widmer

All gifts qualify as tax deductions and are processed by the Northwest Foundation.
If a goal is not fulfilled, the funds will be deposited into the department's operating fund.