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Northwest Missouri State University


Team Members

Online Museum Project
Team Leader

K.D. Todd

Student Creative Group 
Team Leader

Jolaine Zweifel

Online Museum Leadership Team

Dr. Mary Ann Lowary,
University Marketing and Communication
Cathy Palmer, Owens Library
Dr. Roger Von Holzen, Information Technology
Kim Todd, Information Technology
Crystal Ward, University Marketing and Communication
Dr. Jon Rickman, Information Technology
Jolaine Zweifel, CITE

Northwest History Leadership Team

Kris Bakko
Cathy Palmer
Kim Todd
Crystal Ward
Darren Whitley
Jolaine Zweifel

Northwest History Creative Team

Kris Bakko
Alice Foreman
Jennifer Heishman
Grant Howard
Diraj Kumar Potlapally
Sampath Kumar Kunta
Michael Mandrick
Clayton Scott
Caleb Taylor

Northwest History Video - Voice Recordings

Mike Johnson
Patty Holley
Mike Mandrick

Special Thanks

Dr. Virgil Albertini
Dr. Janice Brandon-Falcone
Dr. Mary Ann Lowary
Mallory Murray
Dr. Roger Von Holzen
Dr. Jon Rickman
Tabatha Verbick
Crystal Ward
Morris White
Darren Whitley
Kim Ziegler