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Northwest Missouri State University


Nanophysics is the branch of nanoscale science that studies the energy and matter structures, and physical forces existing in nano-domains. Nanophysics helps us to understand the response of nanomaterials to various stimuli like electromagnetic radiations or to other matters. The resulting knowledge is useful in developing insights into material behavior, fabricating designer materials, and in discovering novel phenomena in applied disciplines like materials science, nanochemistry, and nanobiology.

In addition to the Nanoscale Science Core Curriculum, students choosing to specialize in Nanophysics have the following class options:

Nanoscale Physics Emphasis Required Courses

Course No. Course Name Hours
CSIS 44-141 Computer Programming  3
Math 17-121 Calculus II 4
Phys 25-350/351 Introduction to Modern Physics I and Laboratory 4
Phys 25-353 Modern Physics II 3
Phys 25-430 Optics and Lab 4
Phys 25-450/451 Computational Physics and Lab 4
Total Physics Emphasis Required Hours 22

Nanoscale Physics Emphasis Elective Courses
Choose 6 credit hours from the following courses

Course No. Course Name Hours
Math 17-321 Multivariate Calculus 4
Math 17-361 Differential Equations 3
Chem 24-135 Laboratory Safety 2
Chem 24-552 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
Chem 24-555 Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory 1
Phys 25-479 Undergraduate Research 1-3
Total Physics Emphasis Elective Hours 6