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Northwest Missouri State University


Chemistry is primarily a molecular science. As chemists have continued to seek solutions to problems in diverse areas, such as the environment, medicine/biotechnology, and alternative energies, the answers have led them into the nanometer size regime. Here, at the emerging interface with biology and physics, chemists are developing nanomaterials for drug delivery systems, carbon nanotubes, dye-sensitized solar cells, and semiconductor nanowires. All of these discoveries are not only built upon molecular structures ranging in size from 1-100 nanometers, but depend upon the fundamental properties of nanomaterials. “Nano” is not simply about things that are small, but about the unique properties that exist only in the nano-domain. Nanochemistry continues to evolve as chemists utilize their skills in synthesis and chemical modification, and employ state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology to characterize and manipulate nanostructures.

In addition to the Nanoscale Science Core Curriculum, students choosing to specialize in Nanochemistry have the following class options:

Nanoscale Chemistry Emphasis Required Courses

Course No. Course Name Hours
Math 17-121 Calculus II 4
Chem 24-322/323 Analytical Chemistry and Lab 5
Chem 24-532 Physical Chemistry I 3
Chem 24-552/555 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory 4
Total Directed Hours 16

Nanoscale Chemistry Emphasis Elective Courses
Choose 12 credit hours from the following courses

Course No. Course Name Hours
Chem 24-135 Laboratory Safety 2
Chem 24-344/345 Organic Chemistry II and Lab 5
Chem 24-450 Macromolecular Structures 4
Chem 24-499 Special Investigations in Chemistry 1-3
Chem 24-520 Protein Chemistry and Lab 4
Chem 24-522/523 Instrumental Analysis and Lab 4
Chem 24-533 Physical Chemistry I Lab 1
Chem 24-534/535 Physical Chemistry II and Lab 4
Chem 24-562 General Biochemistry 3
Chem 24-563 General Biochemistry Lab 2
Phys 25-430 Optics and Lab 4
Total Chemistry Emphasis Elective Hours 12