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Northwest Missouri State University


Nanobiology can be considered the intersection of biology and nanotechnology. Much of nanobiology involves using the tools and techniques of molecular biology to manipulate and analyze nucleic acids and proteins, which are themselves on the nanoscale. There are two approaches: (1) use nanotechnology to study a part of a living system; or (2) use a part of the living system as a model for creating nanoscale devices or other nanotechnologies. This field also relies heavily on techniques such as atomic force and electron microscopy to visualize parts of the cell and these new devices.  Nanobiology also includes the biophysics involved in interactions between proteins and nucleic acids, cell membrane structure and function, and the self-assembly of molecules as seen in all cells.

In addition to the Nanoscale Science Core Curriculum, students choosing to specialize in Nano-Biology have the following class options:

Nanoscale Biology Emphasis Required Courses

Course No. Course Name Hours
Biol 04-440 Molecular Biology 4
Biol 04-511 Techniques in Biotechnology 4
Chem 24-344/345 Organic Chemistry II and Lab 5
Chem 24-562/563 Biochemistry and Lab 5
Total Biology Emphasis Required Hours 18

Nanoscale Biology Emphasis Elective Courses
Choose 10 credit hours from the following courses

Course No. Course Name Hours
Biol 04-140 Microbiology 4
Biol 04-401 Undergraduate Research: Cellular 1-3
Biol 04-444 Immunology 4
Biol 04-478 Readings in Molecular Biology 2
Biol 04-491 Biological Science Seminar 1
Chem 24-135 Laboratory Safety 4
Chem 24-450 Macromolecular Structures 4
Chem 24-520 Protein Chemistry and Lab 4
Total Biology Emphasis Elective Hours 10