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News Release

March 4, 2010

Missouri Academy students place high at recent competitions

MARYVILLE, Mo. - In recent weeks, students at the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing have participated in a series of competitions and brought home numerous awards.

During the weekend of Feb. 18-21, a team of about 12 Missouri Academy students participated in a Model United Nations competition at Duke University in Durham, N.C. The participants consisted of Zoe Samudzi, Yvette Odu, Ruth Prewitt, Moon Soo Choi, Courtney Flood, Peter Sable, Jacob Taylor, Jihoon Kim, Hayeon Lee, Clayton Buback, Ethan Cooper, Drew Paulman, Victor Lee and Hojin Lee.

Four awards were available for each committee - Verbal Commendation, Honorable Mention, Outstanding Delegation (2nd place), and Best Delegation (1st place). Missouri Academy students earned the following awards:

  • Ethan Cooper and Clayton Buback, participating in the General Assembly 6th Committee (Legal Committee) earned Best Delegation as Germany.
  • Peter Sable and Hojin Lee, participating in the World Health Organization earned Outstanding Delegation as Chile.
  • Jihoon Kim, participating in the UN Office on Drug and Crimes, earned an Honorable Mention as Germany.
  • Courtney Flood, participating in the Obama Cabinet, earned a Verbal Commendation as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Emanual Huq and Yvette Odu, participating in the Joint Crisis Committee-West Pakistan, earned Outstanding Delegation.
  • Zoe Samudzi, participating in the Joint Crisis Committee-India, earned Outstanding Delegate as Indian Ambassador to the USSR.
  • Jihoon Kim was awarded Best Research Award for Position Paper.

Competing on Feb. 13 at the Great Plains Math League qualifying contest in Springfield, Mo., a team of about 12 Missouri Academy students took second place among seven large schools.

The events included the target round, during which individuals must solve four pairs of mathematics problems without a calculator, and the sprint round, which involves a multiple-choice test fashioned after the SAT.

Participants consisted of Joe Courtaway, Sara Maria Jensen, Jihoon Kim, Hunter Lehr, Garrett Meyer, Junseok Oh, Elmer Rho, Stephen Ryan, Jason Sauerbrei, Florencio Serrano Castillo, Jacob Taylor, Penny Wang and Winnie Yang. They earned the following honors:

  • Jihoon Kim - 1st place, 11th grade, target round; 4th place, overall, target round; 2nd place, 11th grade, sprint round; 5th place, overall, sprint round
  • Elmer Rho - 5th place, 11th grade, target round
  • Junseok Oh - 1st place, 12th grade, target round; 2nd place, overall, target round; 1st place, 12th grade, sprint round; 2nd place, overall, sprint round
  • Garrett Meyer - 4th place, 11th grade, sprint round
  • Florencio Serrano Castillo - 5th place, 11th grade, sprint round
  • Elmer Rho - 3rd place, 11th grade, overall
  • Jihoon Kim - 1st place, 11th grade, overall
  • Junseok Oh - 1st place, 12th grade, overall

Additionally, Jihoon Kim, Junseok Oh and Elmer Rho took first place in the overall relay round, which involves individual members of a three-person team receiving different parts of a mathematics problem. The team must work together by passing their solutions to different parts of the problem, all without use of a calculator.

Another event, the team round, involves six-member teams solving mathematics problems in all fields. Florencio, Jihoon, Hunter, Elmer, Jason and Winnie took second place in the event; the team of Joe, Garrett, Junseok, Stephen, Jacob, Penny placed third.

On Feb. 6, a team of 15 Missouri Academy students participated in the northwest Missouri regional Science Olympiad competition in Trenton. The Missouri Academy team placed first overall out of 11 teams, and the students received many individual first place and second place awards.

Participants consisted of Shivani Singh, Jayde Moran, Esther Kim, Sarah Shawver, Junseok Oh, Hui Lin Yang, Penny Wang, Woo Jin Chang, Charity Haugh, Melanie Kessler, Jihoon Kim, Wilson Pipkin, Florecio Serrano Castillo, Cassidy Swain and Nicole Hulsey. They earned the following honors:

  • Forensics, 1st Place: Cassidy Swain and Woo Jin Chang
  • Orinthology, 1st Place: Sarah Shawver and Jayde Moran
  • Technical Problem Solving, 1st Place: Florencio Serrano Castillo and Jihoon Kim
  • Environmental Chemistry, 3rd Place: Shivani Singh and Nicole Hulsey
  • Disease Detectives, 3rd Place: Woo Jin Chang and Shivani Singh
  • Experimental Design, 1st Place: Nicole Hulsey, Jayde Moran, and Wilson Pipkin
  • Physics Lab, 3rd Place: Jihoon Kim and Junseok Oh
  • Anatomy and Physiology, 1st Place: Shivani Singh and Nicole Hulsey
  • Chem Lab, 1st Place: Florecio Serrano Castillo and Junseok Oh
  • Ecology, 5th Place: Melanie Kessler and Woo Jin Chang
  • Write It Do It, 8th Place: Hui Lin Yang and Wilson Pipkin
  • Cell Biology, 1st Place: Sarah Shawver and Penny Wang
  • Dynamic Planet, 2nd Place: Woo Jin Chang and Charity Haugh
  • It's About Time, 1st Place: Jihoon Kim and Junseok Oh
  • Picture This, 2nd Place: Hui Lin Yang, Penny Wang, and Esther Kim
  • Fossils, 2nd Place: Cassidy Swain and Sarah Shawver
  • Astronomy, 1st Place: Charity Haugh and Jihoon Kim
  • Remote Sensing, 8th Place: Melanie Kessler and Florencio Serrano Castillo
  • Egg-O-Naut, 9th Place: Penny Wang and Esther Kim
  • Elevated Bridge, 8th Place: Wilson Pipkin and Esther Kim
  • Mousetrap Vehicle, 6th Place: Jayde Moran and Wilson Pipkin
  • Mission Possible, 4th Place: Charity Haugh, Hui Lin Yang, and Wilson Pipkin
  • Trajectory, 4th Place: Wilson Pipkin and Esther Kim

Missouri Academy students are participating, March 3-6 in the Robotics Regional Competition at the Hale Arena in Kansas City, Mo., with 60 teams from the Kansas City region. The Missouri Academy also will host the Great Plains Math League on March 13 and compete in the State Science Olympiad in Columbia, Mo., on March 27.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing is an early-entrance-to-college, two-year residential program, located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University. Students attend the Missouri Academy for two years, replacing the junior and senior years of traditional high school. While at the Missouri Academy, students are enrolled in a curriculum consisting of all college coursework taught by professors at Northwest. Upon successful completion, students earn an Associate of Science degree as well as a high school diploma.

One of just 17 similar programs in the country -- and the only such school in the state -- the Missouri Academy provides a foundational education tailored for highly motivated students with career aspirations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Academy belongs to the National Consortium of Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology (NCSSSMST) and is a founding member of the Association for the Advancement of Early Entrance-to-College Programs (AAEECP).

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