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Northwest Missouri State University

Faculty and Staff Directory





Dr. Joni Adkins 660.562.1803 jadkins Management Information Systems
Dr. Ajay Bandi 660.562.1764 ajay Computer Science
Dr. Scott Bell 660.562.1699 sbell Computer Science
Dr. Christine Benson 660.562.1807 cbenson Mathematics Education
Melissa Chesnut 660.562.1230 melissac Secretary (Mathematics)
Dr. Judy Clark 660.562.1281 clarkj Information Technology
Jeanne Crawford 660.562.1600 jcrawfo Office Manager (CS/IS)
Dr. Russell Euler 660.562.1229 reuler Mathematics
Dr. Kurtis Fink 660.562.1808 kfink Mathematics
Dr. Brian Haile 660.562.1375 bhaile Mathematics
Dr. Carolyn Hardy 660.562.1801 chardy Computer Science
Dr. Douglas Hawley 660.562.1200 hawley Computer Science
Christina Heintz 660.562.1810 cheintz Mathematics
Justin Hoffmeier 660.562.1203 jhoff Mathematics
Lynda Hollingsworth 660.562.1809 lhollin Mathematics
Dr. Na Li 660.562.1932 nali Computer Science/Information Systems
Diana Linville 660.562.1734 dianar Computer Science
Dr. Cheryl Malm 660.562.1206 cgmalm Mathematics Education
Dr. David Monismith 660.562.1802 monismi Computer Science
Dr. Michael Rogers 660.562.1551 michael Computer Science
Dr. Jawad Sadek 660.562.1228 jawads Mathematics
Matthew Schieber 660.562.1185 mschieb Management Information Systems
Dr. Helen Schroeder 660.562.1203 helengs Mathematics
Dr. Mary Shepherd 660.562.1205 msheprd Mathematics
Eddie Smith 600.562.1806 smithed Mathematics
Dr. Carol Spradling 660.562.1588 c_sprad Computer Science
Csillia Tasi 660.562.1805 ctasi Mathematics
David Vlieger 660.562.1811 vlieger Statistics
Dr. Jennifer Wall 660.562.1729 jwall Mathematics Education
Dr. Wei Xiong 660.562.1103 xiong Computer Science
Dr. Han Yu 660.562.1371 hyu Statistics
Dr. Nancy Zeliff 660.562.1292 nzeliff Information Technology