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Missouri Academy

Community Leaders

What is a Community Leader?

Community Leaders (CLs) are second-year students who have achieved a minimum of 3.25 GPA, have shown success in areas of Student Development, and are prepared to stand out as examples and role-models for other Academy students. CLs help design and present activities, events, and programs for the student population. CLs also represent the Missouri Academy during Preview Days, Summer Orientation, and other Missouri Academy major events.

How to Apply to Become a CL

The application process to be considered for a Community Leader position is straightforward. Applications will be available early during the spring trimester, interviews will be held and decisions will be made before students leave for home at the end of May. The most important part of the process is the experiential component. Though the Student Development staff holds the application process in high regard, the staff does consider all they know about a student in making a determination. That is to say that a student's behavior from the day they move in through the CL selection process is considered.

To increase your chances of being selected as a CL, observe high standards of Integrity and Quality, be academically engaged, and be engaged in student development, - simply put, be an active member of your community through your positive contributions.

Current Community Leaders


Student Leader


Student Leader

2 East Torria Slagle 3 South Will Fries
2 East Janet Qui 3 South Will Koh
2 East Sam Lee 3 South Andrew Kaiser
2 South Nelly Zheng 3 South John Kim
2 South Heemoon Jeong  3 South Patrick Miles
2 South Kaylyn Bradshaw  4th Racheal Amelung
3 North JeeHaeng Yoo 4th Mariah Teague 
3 North Aaron Rahaman 4th Yeonji Kim
3 North Caleb Brown 4th Gwynn Buster
3 North Joe Chandler