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Festival: Commune or Corporation?

Author: David M. Struve
M.A. in History
Department of History, Humanites, Philosophy & Political Science
April 2012

The band Festival, established in 1971, proved to be a blending of communal living and pragmatic capitalist society. By examining the evolution of socialism since its founding including the shift into the basic tenets of Marxism in European society, one gains a greater understanding of the differences between American communitarian living and socialism in continental Europe. Festival combined elements of European socialism with the communitarian aspects of American separatist sects to create a unique corporate structure. The way members lived demonstrated a blend of ideals which took the strengths of both the capitalist and socialist systems and merged the two into a form which lasted until the twenty-first century. By conducting primary research with the band's newsletters as well as personal interviews, a complete picture may be constructed to illustrate whether members formed the structure out of idealism to the communal system or out of pragmatism to survive.