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Northwest Missouri State University

Strategies to Discourage Plagiarism

[check mark]Formulate:

  • In-class writing assignments which can be compared to papers completed outside of class
  • Diaries of search paths used in locating information (Weisbard)

[check mark]Incorporate:

  • A list of narrowly-defined, approved topics that changes each semester
  • A minimum number of several types of sources (two books, four articles, etc.)
  • Inclusion of information provided in class discussions and assigned readings
  • Interviews with experts
  • At least two sources from the most recent six months
  • Oral reports or one-on-one discussions of the paper
  • Checkpoints when students share their work to date
  • Follow-up in-class essays about what the students learned from their research (Harris)

[check mark]Require:

  • A written thesis statement early in the research process
  • A description of the research process
  • Rough drafts
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Copies of cited sources
  • Personal reflections on the subject (Fain)

[check mark] Encourage:

  • Original thought in reaction to content
  • Thorough explanations of ideas
  • Problem solving or questioning behavior
  • Justification of conclusions
  • Incorporation of personal insights into the subject (McKenzie)


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