How are you spending your time?

List Currently Enrolled Courses
List hours in class each week
List outside study hours each week

Total hours in class:
Total study hours:
Total number of hours spent on academic work:

Approximate the number of hours spent on the following activites:
Estimate hours/week
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Personal care (exercising, grooming, laundry, etc)
Errands and travel
Organizations, activites, meetings

Total hours of hours spent on activites:
Total hours spent on activities and academic work:
Remaining hours for entertainment, socializing, and relaxation:
Is there a balance between academics, activites, and leisure?
Yes No
Does the time you spend on academics exceed your recreation time?
Yes No
Are you preparing and studying at least 2 hours prior to each class?
Yes No
Are you treating course preparation and studying like a top-priority full time job?
Yes No
Where can you use your time more efficiently?

Where are you losing time each week?
Watching TV Not understainding Assignments Chatting with Friends
Difficulty reading textbook Computer Games Ineffective study skills
Email Not Planning Facebook
Not concentrating Shopping/Restaurants Family
Talking on the phone Illness Listening to Music
Frequent naps Alcohol/drugs Waiting on others
Daydreaming Listening to other's problems Meetings
Lost Hours Other:

Which time zapper has the biggest impact on your scedule:
List 2 mehods you will try to reduce this problem (example: I will limit email to one hour per day, I will only use email when I've completed priority activites and course work):

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