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EZProxy Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access databases off-campus?

  • All faculty, staff, and students who are currently enrolled in Northwest can access B.D. Owens Library's resources by using their Northwest Network ID (your NWMSU email ID without "") and myNorthwest password.
  • If you're accessing Owens Library web pages on campus, you don't need to use EZproxy and you won't be asked to enter an ID and password. If you're trying access B.D. Owens Library web pages from off campus and click a link to a restricted resource, you will be redirected to a login page asking for your ID and password. This page will contain instructions on how to access the resources you need. If you cannot pass this login page, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at (660) 562-1634 to troubleshoot problems with your ID and password.
  • If it says that your password is incorrect, we recommend you try to log into myNorthwest first. If that doesn't work, you can contact the Help Desk via email or by phone at (660) 562-1634.

Who can access databases from off-campus?

  • All faculty, staff, and students who are currently enrolled in Northwest are allowed to access B. D. Owens Library's electronic resources
  • Owens Library's electronic resource license agreements prohibit off-campus access to these resources unless a student is currently enrolled. Students who have a delayed grade in a course and who are not currently enrolled are not current students as defined by these license agreements. Simply put, the student must be enrolled in Nortwhest classes to access Owens' electronic resources from off-campus.

What is EZproxy?

  • EZproxy provides off-campus users easy access to the B.D. Owens Library electronic resources.
  • It works independently from operating systems and commonly available browsers including ones on mobile devices.

I got the "The user name or password was not correct" error

  • This often means that your password was expired or you typed an incorrect password. The first step of troubleshooting this is to try myNorthwest to see if you can login successfully.
    1. When you cannot log into myNorthwest either, please call Help Desk at (660) 562-1634 to reset your password.
    2. If your password has been expired, you need to change the password following the instructions. Read this page for detailed information.
    3. If you can successfully login and do not see any message from the myNorthwest, but you still cannot log into EZproxy to search library databases or read linked articles, please check if you have any credential- or password- management software on your machine. Northwest provided laptops have this software. The credential software will not automatically update the password for EZproxy even if you have updated one for the campus login. You need to type in a new password at the EZproxy login page in order to apply the changes on your machine.

I logged in to EZproxy but nothing seems to happen.

  • Please check these four settings in your browser:
    1. Popup blocker:
      Disable pop-up blockers while you are accessing the restricted databases through EZproxy.
    2. Firewall:
      If you see "this page cannot be displayed," it usually means a firewall issue on your side. If you have installed personal firewall software such as Norton Antivirus. You either need to allow access to (or per port or add as a safe site.
    3. Cookies: Check Cookies
      EZproxy and some databases send "cookies" when you connect to them to verify that you are an authorized user. If your browser reports an error receiving a "cookie," you have to enable them in your browser settings.
      The default setting for most browsers will accept EZproxy cookies without a problem. However, if you changed it, you will see a blank page. Change browser options to accept all cookies.
    4. JavaScript: Check JavaScript
      Again, the default setting for most browsers will work well with EZproxy's JavaScript. However, if you changed it, you will need to enable it again in order to access the library databases.

I use my laptop on campus and see the "this page cannot be displayed" message everytime I try to access library databases

  • It is because the public wireless network (NWMSU_Guest) on campus does not allow unauthorized ports. In order to resolve this, please follow one of these recommendations:
    1. Use the NWMSU_Secure wireless network instead of the NWMSU_Guest wireless network. All University provided laptops are capable of this setting. If a laptop is personally owned by current students, faculty, and staff, one can request to register the laptop at Information Technology Helpdesk at (660) 562-1634 to access the NWMSU_Secure wireless network.
    2. Quick remedy to this is to remove the EZproxy string in front of the URL manually. In the address bar, delete the "" portion from the URL.
    3. Use a network cable and plug it in a network jack nearby. You can check out a cable from the Library Services Desk on the 1st floor of the library.

I can use it at home, but not at work.

  • Many corporate, government, and educational institutions use firewalls for security purposes and block every port other than standard web browser ports. You need to discuss EZproxy with your network administrator, asking her/him to enable it.

I got a hostname error.

  • This means you tried to access a database or web site that has not been configured through EZproxy. The database company may have changed their web address or it may not be a web site that requires EZproxy. Please send Help Desk an email that includes the error message.

"Page not found," "Cannot find server or DNS," or browser waits and waits.

  • This usually means there is an issue in the Northwest Missouri State University Campus Network. Please send Help Desk an email that includes the error message

Persistent Article URL (Bookmark and Favorites) does not work with EZproxy.

  • To access this article through the library while off campus, you can add this string: (including the question mark) in front of the URL for the article. For example, if the URL is and you want to access the article from off campus, your URL should be
  • Or, you can use our Article Link Generator to generate URLs for you.

Article Link Generator

  • The Article Link Generator is available to generate URLs for off-campus access to articles in Owens Library Subscription Database.

What is Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and how can locate a full-text article using it?

  • To know more about Digital Object Identifier (DOI), you can read this page. You can access full-text articles from off-campus using DOI if you use our Article Link Generator.