Play types, Movements, or Schools of Theatre -
London Company of Comedians (later American Company of Comedians)
Southwark Theatre
John Street Theatre
Chestnut Street Theatre
Federal Street Theatre

Arch Street Theatre

Walnut Street Theatre
Barnum's American Museum
Boston Museum
Winter Garden Theatre
Fifth Avenue Theatre
Madison Square Theatre
Dramatists -
Mercy Otis Warren Royall Tyler
Robert Munford John Augustus Stone
William Dunlap Robert Montgomery Bird
James Nelson Barker Mordecai Noah
Richard Penn Smith Tom Taylor
Samuel Woodworth Frank Murdoch
James K. Paulding Bronson Howard
Augustin Daly William Gillette
David Belasco Joaquin Miller
Bret Harte Bartley Campbell
Augustus Thomas Edward Harrigan
William Vaughn Moody

Edward Sheldon

James A. Herne J. M. Barrie
Henry Arthur Jones
Actors -
Lewis Hallam Sr. David Douglas
Lewis Hallam Jr. John Henry
Thomas Wignell Thomas A Cooper
George Frederick Cooke John Howard Payne
Edmund Kean Junius Brutus
William Wood William Warren
Tyrone Power Laura Keene
Charles Kean John Brougham
Edwin Forrest (America's first great native actor) John McCullough
E. L. Davenport James Murdoch
Edwin Booth Joseph Jefferson III
Charlotte Cushman Mary Ann Duff
Clara Fisher Lotta Crabtree
Adah Issacs Menken Anna Cora Mowatt
Dion Bouciault Samuel Drake
James H. Caldwell Noah Ludlow
Rose Coghlan Charles Coghlan
Matilda Heron Lucille Western
Clara Morris Leslie Carter
Joseph Jefferson III Frank Mayo
Adah Issacs Menken Lydia Thompson
Lotta Crabtree George W. L. Fox
Lillian Russell George M. Cohan
Fanny Davenport Clara Morris
Ada Rehan G. H. Gilbert
Rose Eytinge James O'Neill
Blanche Bates Geore Arliss
Minnie Maddern Fiske E. H. Southern
Julia Marlowe Otis Skinner
William Faversham Henry Miller
J. H. Hackett Maude Adams
Ethel Barrymore Mary Mannering
1800 - 1900
Western Theatre Timeline
Books in Owens Library -
Cambridge History of American Theatre, v.1
history of the American theatre, 1700-1950/Glenn Hughes
Theater / Stage Design -
Gas Stage Lighting Stage Machinery
Moving Panoramas Electric Lighting
3-D Design Treadmills

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