Books in Owens Library -
History of Spanish Golden Age drama / Henryk Ziomek
Spanish stage in the time of Lope de Vega
Theater / Stage Design -
Corrales (Open Air Playhouses)
1400 -1700 - medieval / renaissance - golden age - stage
1660 - 1700 1700 - 1800 1800 - 1900 1900 - 2000
Western Theatre Timeline
Play types, Movements, or Schools of Theatre -
Litugical Drama
Miracle Play
Autos (Religious Plays)
Commedia del Arte
Commedia Nuevas
Historical Drama
Cloak - and - sword comedies
Cloak - and - sword dramas
Dramatists -
Gil Vicente
Lope De Vega
Fernando De Rojas
Juan Del Encina
Tirso De Molina
Ruiz De Alarcon
Calderon De La Barca
Actors -
Lope De Rueda (also Manager)
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