baroque (17th century) - modern (20th century)
Theater / Stage Design -
Movable Flats Stage Machinery
Open Stage Total Theater
Spherical Theater Endless Theater
Grosses Schauspeilhaus
Simplified or Selective Realism
Pictoral Design Sculptural Design
Multi-Media Design Environmental Theatre
Conceptual Design Berliner Ensemble

1700 ---------------------------------------------- 2000

1900 - 2000
Western Theatre Timeline
Play types, Movements, or Schools of Theatre -
Opera Buffa
Comedie - Franciase
Sturm Und Drang (Storm and Stress)
Theatre of the Absurd
Romanticism Naturalism
Realism Dadaism
Expressionism Futurism
Symbolism Epic Theatre
Theatre Du Soleil
Berliner Ensemble
Dramatists -
Giovan Battista Andreini (Italy) Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italy)
Pietro Chiari (Italy) Carlo Gozzi (Italy)
Carlo Goldoni (Italy) Vittorio Alfieri (Italy)
Alessandro Manzoni (Italy) Paolo Giacometti (Italy)
Giovanni Verga (Italy) Eleonora Duse (Italy)
Gabriele D'Annunzio (Italy) Luigi Pirandello (Italy)
Pierre Corneille (France) Mairet (France)
Moliere (France) Thomas Corneille (France)
Voltaire (France) Prosper Crebillon (France)
Adrienne Lecouvreur (France)
Sedaine (France) Pixerecourt (France)
Victor Hugo (France) Samuel Beckett (Ireland, France)
Eugene Ionesco (France) Jean Genet (France)
Bertolt Brecht (Germany) Erwin Piscator (Germany)
Volker Braun (Germany) Peter Hacks (Germany)
Heiner Muller (Germany) August Strindberg (Sweden)
Henrik Ibsen (Norway) Anton Chekov (Russia)
Actors -
Dario Fo (Italy, also Dramatist)
Raymond Poisson (France)
Baron (France)
Antonin Artaud (France, also Director)
Roger Blin (France, also Director, and Set Designer)
Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe (Germany, also Director)
Max Reinhardt (20th, also Director)
Vsevolod Myerhold (Russia)
KonStantin Stanislavsky (Russia, also Director)
Set Designers -
Adolphe Appia (19th) Gaspare Vigarani (Italy, also Architect)
Alessandro Sanquirico (Italy)
Piranesi (Italy) Boucher (Italy, France)
Giovanni Battista Aleotti (Italy)
Natalya Goncharova (Russia)
Franco Zeffirelli (Italy) John Pierre Ponnelle (France)
Jerzy Grotowski (Poland) Alexandra Ekster (Russia)
Vsevolod Myerhold (Russia) Josef Svoboda (Czech)
Picasso (France) Leon Bakst (Russia)
Giacomo Torelli (Italy) Nicola Sabbatini (Italy)
Giovanni Servandoni (Italy)
Composers -
Giuseppe Verdi (Italy) Richard Strauss (Germany)
George Bizet (France)
Maurice Ravel (France)
Richard Wagner (Germany)
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