Theater / Stage Design -
Renaissance Stage
restoration theatre

1660 - 1700

1700 - 1800 1800 - 1900 1900 - 2000
Western Theatre Timeline
Dramatists -
William Davenant Thomas Killigrew
William Congreve George Farquhar
George Lillo John Vanbrugh
Oliver Goldsmith John Gay
Richard Brinsley Sheridan Jeremy Collier
William Wycherley
Thomas Shadwell John Dryden
Aphra Behn
Actors -
Colley Cibber (also Dramatist)
Architects -
Christopher Wren
Books in Owens Library -
Cambridge companion to English Restoration theatre / edited by Deborah Payne Fisk
Restoration theatre
Companion to Restoration drama / edited by Susan J. Owen
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