1900 - 2000
Western Theatre Timeline
Play types, Movements, or Schools of Theatre -
Satge Society
Royal Court
Theatre of Ideas
Royal Exchange Theatre
Regional Theatre
National Theatre
Provincial Theatre
National Theatre Company
Old Vic
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
National Theatre Company
Musical Comedy
Environmental Events
Community Theatre
Television Drama
Books in Owens Library -
Century of Innovation/Oscar Brockett & Rober Findlay
Dramatists -
George Bernard Shaw Noel Coward
Somerset Maugham R. C. Sherriff
J. M. Barrie Tom Stoppard
Ben Travers Trevor Griffiths
John Van Druten Stanley Houghton
John Galsworthy Peter Weiss
Harold Brighouse Brian Rix
Agatha Christie John Mansfield
T.S. Eliot Christopher Fry
Kenneth Tynan John Osborne
John Arden Arnold Wesker
Ann Jellicoe Edward Bond
Robert Bolt Harold Pinter
James Saunders N. F. Simpson
Howard Brenton David Hare
John McGrath David Edgar
Actors -
Anthony Quayle Peggy Ashcroft
John Gielgud Michael Redgrave
Laurence Olivier Sybil Thorndike
Lewis Casson Donald Wolfit
Charles Laughton Ralph Richardson
Edith Evans Flora Robson
Emily Evans Anthony Quayle
Oscar Asche Charles Wyndham
John Martin-Harvey Emlyn Williams
George Devine
Barry Jackson Terrence Gray
Peter Hall Trevor Nunn
Laurence Olivier Peter Hall
Anthony Quayle Williiam Bridges-Adams
Ben Iden Payne Lillian Baylis
Tyrone Guthrie Peter Brook
Peter Weiss George Devine
Set Designers -
Gordon Craig Terrence Gray
Sean Kenny John Bury
Ralph Koltai Joe Davis (Lighting)
Cameron Mackintosh Richard Hudson
Theater / Stage Design -
Uber Marionette Cinematic Effects
Textured Surfaces Collage
Sculptural Design Multi-media Design
Environmental Theatre Conceptual Design
Theatricalism Postmodern Design
Selective Realism Painterly Images
Scrim Projected Images
Quotation Patiche
Electric Lighting Computer Lighting


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