Theater / Stage Design -
Fortune Theatre
Hope Theatre
Red Bull Theatre
Rose Theatre
Globe Theatre
elizabethan drama - jacobean drama - early modern - caroline drama - age of shakespeare

1550 - 1660

1660 - 1700 1700 - 1800 1800 - 1900 1900 - 2000
Western Theatre Timeline
Play types , Movements, or Schools of Theatre -
Chronicle Play/History Play
Revenge Tragedy
Comedy of Humours
Dramatists -
William Shakespeare Christopher Marlowe
John Fletcher Francis Beaumont
John Lyly William Davenant
John Webster Cyril Tourneur
Thomas Middleton Thomas Dekker
Ben Johnson John Ford
Richard Brome James Shirley
Actors -
James Burbage
Richard Burbage
Stage Designers -
John Webb (also Architect)
Books in Owens Library -
Playgoing in Shakespeare's London / Andrew Gurr
Elizabethan stage / E. K. Chambers
Elizabethan theatre
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