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Distance Education

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Comprehensive Distance Learning Sites

Navigate the links below to locate distance education resources, journals, associations and institutions.

Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN)
The ALN provides links to the online ALN Magazine and the online Journal of ALN. It also includes links to online discussions, workshops, and conferences.

American Center for the Study of Distance Education (ASCDE)
The ASCDE, located at Pennsylvania State University, includes links to information about the American Journal of Distance Learning, research, readings, symposiums and conferences, and a research documentation center.

This is the online site for Converge Magazine, which is touted as "the source for workable solutions in education and technology." It contains full-text articles for current magazines, as well as a searchbank for previous articles. The subject material ranges from K-12 education to higher and corporate education.

Distance Education and Training Council
This site provides information on accredited distance education institutions, high school programs, degree programs, publications, as well as useful Web resources.

Distance Education: Articles

This page provides access to two full-text articles concerning the improvement in access and quality of distance education programs, as well as the implementation of new programs in the modern world. The articles were written by Steven C. Ehrmann, who received his Ph.D. in management and higher education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Distance Education Clearinghouse
This site, put together by the University of Wisconsin-Extension, its partners and other UW institutions, includes links to technology, a distance education glossary, distance education conferences and a "keeping current" section. It also provides a search engine and an alphabetical index of links.

Distance Education: A Consumer's Guide: What Distance Learners Need to Know

The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education supports this site. It contains information on what distance education is, how to choose a school, how to evaluate quality, what accreditation is, and what technology to use. Also included are a short bibliography of published guides, links to online resources, and links to higher education regional accrediting bodies.

Distance Education: Research: Guide #9
This page, provided by the University of Idaho Engineering Outreach program, contains distance education information on the subjects of: Common Research Questions, Distance vs. Traditional Education, Why are Students Successful?, Why is Instruction Successful?, How Important is Interaction?, and Cost vs. Benefits.

" is designed and written by professionals who have several decades of experience in educational radio, educational television, and the use of integrated telecommunications systems such as the Internet for teaching and learning." It has a searchable database with links to publications, guidelines, books, copyright information, associations, definitions, journals, pioneers, statistics, government reports, schools, institutions, and more. It also provides starting points for learners, instructors, managers, and designers of distance courses.

Distance Learning
This site allows you to "search for comprehensive databases for distance learning programs by name or degree category," as well as a searchable index for undergraduate college, graduate schools, and career information along with links for background reading. The site is supported by, the Education and Career Center.

This searchable distance learning site uses "real human intelligence to seek out websites, visit them, write a concise summary of the site, then categorize and add it." It has a site guide on the topics of: College & University, Grade School to High School, Professional Re-training, Continuing Education, Fun Learning, Libraries/ Reference/ Other, and K-12 Subject Guide. It also houses a quick reference section on the topics of: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Grammar, Quotations, Biographies, Translator, Almanac, Maps, Calculators, Yellow Pages, White Pages, News, Sports, Weather, Stocks, Health, Employment, and Just for Kids.

"The mission of EDUCAUSE is to help shape and enable transformational change in higher education through the introduction, use, and management of information resources and technologies in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and institutional management." It provides links to conferences, awards, publications, current issues, information resources, and more.
"This unique software and Web hosting service allows instructors to create and launch their own courses on the Internet in a few hours, without learning any programming or Web server maintenance.In these Web sites you can integrate public domain online materials, eSocrates online modules and your own teaching notes to custom publish your unique courses." The site provides "all services and assistance necessary for this to happen - that includes complete hosted Web learning solutions, Web software for course management, instructor training, online content and institutional consulting."
Link to the Virtual University Gazette, relevant articles, and a directory of online colleges, Internet universities, and training institutes from this page by Lifelong Learning, an adult education and distance learning consulting firm located in Waterbury, Vermont.

International Centre for Distance Learning
"The International Centre for Distance Learning (ICDL) is a documentation centre specializing in collecting and disseminating information on distance education worldwide." This is a great site that provides an online searchable distance education database, links to the Centre's courses, institutions and literature, library collections, upcoming conferences/seminars/meetings, and newsletters.

International Forum of Educational Technology & Society
"The forum will benefit all developers of technology based educational systems (including AI researchers) by focusing on the practical purpose of their developments. It will also benefit educators who plan to enhance the teaching and learning processes and improve access to education. The Internet, through its both global and real-time interactive infrastructure, provides new opportunities and challenges to both the communities and the forum will provide a common platform to discuss them." This site also includes a link to the journal, Educational Technology and Society.

Is On-line Education for You?
"How well will online courses fit your circumstances and your lifestyle? Select one answer for each question, score the evaluation as directed, and assess how well this type of course would fit your needs."

MindEdge (formerly CASO's Internet University and
This site indexes online courses. Users may access the online course index through an advanced search or specifically through a Search by Category or Search by School.

Missouri Distance Learning Association
"MoDLA, the Missouri Distance Learning Association, is a statewide organization that promotes the effective application of distance learning strategies to maximize access, equity, and quality of educational resources for teachers and learners of all ages ." This page provides links to distance learning resources and other electronic journals.

Node Learning Technologies Network
"The Node Learning Technologies Network is a not-for-profit organization which promotes effective uses of Internet-based technologies in education and training " Their "publications, workshops, research and consulting services, online resources and electronic forums support informed decision-making by individuals and organizations in the postsecondary and k-12 education sectors and in industry."

Ohio University Learning Network

This page provides information about interactive televised courses at the Ohio Learning Network. There are also links to other useful Web sites related to distance learning and interactive television.

Project ADEPT (Assessment of Distance Education Pedagogy and Technology)
This project is to determine "what combination of technology/pedagogy/learner characteristics best enhances student satisfaction with distance education courses." The page includes a number of links to evaluation forms that Tom Creed at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University and Hal Schlais at the University of Wisconsin System Administration have used.

Resources for Distance Education
A list maintained by Professor Charles Darling at Capital Community-Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut provides numerous links to distance education sites including online journals and articles about intellectual property.

Campus Technology
"Campus Technology is the only monthly publication focusing exclusively on the use of technology across all areas of higher education." The franchise contains the monthly Campus Technology magazine, its web site, electronic newsletters (News Update, IT Trends, SmartClassroom, C-Level View), conferences, and targeted list rental opportunities.

Teachnology & Webagogy
"Technology In Support Of Higher Education Teaching & Learning" This site, maintained by Rick Ells at the University of Washington, provides links to pedagogy, E-pubs, organizations, schools, technology and resources for distance education and the use of technology in higher education. Articles included discuss how to use technology in support of higher education teaching & learning.

TEAMS Distance Learning
This is a great site for K-12 educators that includes classroom projects, news and newspapers, conferences and events, mathematics resources, science resources, history resources, language arts resources, art & music resources, and other K-12 resources. Although geared for K-12 educators, it provides a great deal of general information about distance education and how to provide synchronous and asynchronous learning.

"The Education Coalition (TEC) is a not-for-profit educational organization, created in 1993 to serve the needs of the business and education communities." Under Educational Development it provides links to assessment, distance education in depth, education and technology, teleconference and distance learning.

Technology Source
"The purpose of The Technology Source is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools in teaching and in managing educational organizations." It provides links to numerous articles and is part of the University of North Carolina's School of Education.

T.H.E. Journal Online
This online journal provides access to a number of full-text articles in current and back issues of T.H.E. Journal Magazine. The material covered deals mostly with integrating technology into the classroom, both locally and at a distance, and improving online education in general.

United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
The purpose of the USDLA is to "promote the development and application of distance learning for education and training." This site provides research information and statistics as well as the distance learning journal USDLA Journal.

Virtual University Journal
"The Virtual University Journal is dedicated to publishing research findings from the field of distance learning." It also provides some links to other useful distance learning resources. The site "provides a unique international vehicle for the publication of papers relating to research, innovative thinking and/or practice in the field of distance learning."

World Lecture Hall
The World Lecture Hall (WLH) "contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language." This page allows you to search the WLH for particular subjects.

Yahoo: Distance Learning
This result list from Yahoo! on distance learning provides a broad and varied listing of informative sites.

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This section includes annotated hyperlinks to Web sites regarding evaluation and assessment of online learning. for evaluators!
This site has great resources for assessment in the field of distance education. It contains information on evaluation of distance education programs, evaluating distance education courses, as well as news, educational resources, and links to evaluation sources online. This page is a section of the site.

Distance Education at a Glance
A series of guides provided by Engineering Outreach, this site helps "teachers, administrators, facilitators, and students understand distance education." It includes information on the effectiveness of distance education, differences from regular instruction, use of computers, evaluation, and more.

Distance Education at Postsecondary Education Institutions: 1997-98
This page is maintained by the National Center for Education Statistics. On this page is a report that "provides estimates of the number of institutions offering distance education courses, the number of distance education course offerings and enrollments (by field of study and instructional level), and the number of degree and certification programs offered. It also looks at the types of technologies used to deliver education over a distance and at how tuition and fees for distance education compare with those for on-campus courses." It also provides trend information which "includes changes from 1994-95 to 1997-98 in the percentage of institutions offering distance education courses, enrollments and course offerings, degree and certification programs, as well as modes of delivery."

Education Coalition
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to promote reform of education through the use of technology. The Educational Development link includes links for distance education, evaluation and reports, learning styles, technology, and training.

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Educational Issues

This section includes annotated hyperlinks to Web sites covering academic freedom, intellectual property, faculty workload, and copyright.

Copyright Resources
This page, developed by Carolyn Johnson, Information Librarian at Owens Library, supplies references to print materials and annotated hyperlinks to Web sites regarding copyrighted materials and educational fair use issues.

Distance Education at a Glance
A series of guides provided by University of Idaho Engineering Outreach, this site helps "teachers, administrators, facilitators, and students understand distance education." It includes information on the effectiveness of distance education, differences from regular instruction, use of computers, evaluation, and more.

Distance Learning Links for Librarians
"This page is primarily designed to provide access to a range of mainly Internet based material concerning the issues surrounding library/information support for distance learners. It also includes links about distance learning in general." While this site is geared toward librarians, its usefulness is not limited to libraries and distance education.

"The mission of EDUCAUSE is to help shape and enable transformational change in higher education through the introduction, use, and management of information resources and technologies in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and institutional management." It provides links to conferences, awards, publications, current issues, information resources, and more.

Education Policy Institute
This resource contains information on educational policy and reform issues. It contains educational reform briefs, articles, news releases, statistical data, and information on state education agencies. It also houses a great links section divided by the topics of: Education Reform Organizations; Professional Education-Related Organizations; State/Federal Government and Related Education Sites; Teacher Unions, Associations, and Related Sites; For-Profit Education Links; Other Sites Providing Education Links; Other Sites of Interest; and News Organizations. This page is maintained by Dr. Myron Lieberman, Senior Research Scholar, and Charlene K. Haar, Research Associate, at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.

Office of Information Technology
This site provides pages with links to online learning theory, instructional design, curriculum sites, teaching and learning, classroom assessment techniques, course examples, copyright, Web page tools, tutorials, articles, educational technology, smart classrooms and distance education. This is a very good site put together by the Academic and Distributed Services staff at the University of Maryland.

Intellectual Property Resources
This page by Joyce Meldrem, Head Librarian for Collection Management at Owens Library, supplies annotated hyperlinks to Web sites, sample institutional policies, and print materials regarding intellectual property issues.

NLII: National Learning Infrastructure Initiative
"Launched in November 1994, the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative is a membership coalition of institutions and organizations sponsored by EDUCAUSE. Its mission is to create new collegiate learning environments that harness the power of information technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning, contain or reduce rising costs, and provide greater access to American higher education. EDUCAUSE's role is to serve as a catalyst to bring together the affected parties to create joint solutions to the problems inhibiting the creation of a National Learning Infrastructure."

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Educational Technology Tools

This section includes annotated hyperlinks to Web sites with authoring, programming and page maintenance tools, and educational software.

ADEC Distance Education Consortium
"Primary emphasis is on programs relating to distance education and technology, community/economic development, children, youth, and families", the ADEC provides " high quality and economic distance education programs and services via the latest and most appropriate information technologies." Links provided include courseware tools, Federal programs and grants, and online resources including reports and papers.

CASTLE Toolkit: Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning
A free, online assessment creator is available from Castle using Castle Toolkit, including a two-frame quiz format. "Once you have created a test using the CASTLE CREATE tool, you can couple this test with another Web document in a 2 frame format to create a 2 frame quiz. The Web document can be a normal HTML document, a link to a useful Web resource, a "LaTeX" (or similar) converted document, or a pdf document."

Doctor HTML
"Doctor HTML is a Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds." Web authors can use Doctor HTML to check for spelling errors on a web page, verify hyperlinks, and notify you of missing HTML tags (without certain tags a page loads more slowly).

From this site, faculty can download the free RealPlayer or the inexpensive RealPlayer Plus that provides the capability for synchronized audio with Web slides, and RealVideo.

SAVIE Videoconferencing Atlas
This page is advertised as "Your information resource on the use of videoconferencing in education." Although it has not been updated recently, it still contains a lot of useful information and links to information on videoconferencing. It has great links to learning about videoconferencing, technology links, links to directories, and links on distance education.

Teaching Tools offers teacher resources and tools for creating classroom materials. The site provides free educational tools, including an online Puzzlemaker (generates crossword puzzles, math squares, and word searches), Quiz Center (Create and administer quizzes that are graded online and that provide instant feedback), Worksheet Generator (Create custom worksheets for almost any subject or use one of the ready-made worksheets created by teachers like you!), etc.

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Learning Styles

This section includes annotated hyperlinks to Web sites regarding learning styles, learning style tests, and learning theories. Learning Styles and Learning Styles Assessment
This page contains a number of links with information on a variety of learning styles and teaching techniques. The links are divided into various categories under learning styles and strategies and learning styles assessment.

Education Coalition
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to promote reform of education through the use of technology. The educational development link includes links for distance education, evaluation and assessment, learning styles, technology, and training.

Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database
This database "is a tool intended to make learning and instructional theory more accessible to educators. The database contains brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction. These theories can also be accessed by learning domains and concepts."

Funderstanding: About Learning/Theories
Funderstanding is a company founded "to create better learning environments." They have numerous links to learning and theories including, "How Do People Learn?," "Curriculum: What Should Be Learned?," "Instruction: How Should Learning Be Designed?," "Assessment: How Will We Know If Learning Occurs?," and more including learning styles, multiculturalism, and character education.

Index of Learning Styles (ILS)
This page provides access to an ILS questionnaire. According to the page authors, "The results provide an indication of an individual's learning preferences and probably an even better indication of the preference profile of a group of students (e.g. a class), but they should not be over-interpreted." It does provide a good overall look at learning styles and provides a brief analysis of the results of the questionnaire. Learning Styles
"There are many different ways to classify learning styles. These fall into general categories: perceptual modality, information processing , and personality patterns." This page provides a good summary about these categories, but one of the most useful components found here is an extensive bibliography of articles and books on the subject of learning styles.

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Library Science

This section includes annotated hyperlinks to Web sites for library programs and librarians.

CLA Distlib Digest
This page is maintained by the Canadian Library Association. It contains a variety of distance education links with a library focus, as well as general distance education links. It also has links to distlib resources, news, discussion lists, upcoming events, as well as links to Canadian Distance Library Services web pages.

Digital Libraries Initiative
This site allows for public access of university repositories of information on specialized subjects made "available for searching, retrieval, and processing via communication networks." This is a nationally synchronized distance education project coordinated and maintained by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Distance Learning: Library Services for Students at a Distance
Here is a list of sites compiled for by Kristin Hirst, who has a Master of Arts in Library Science from The University of Iowa. The links provided here include information about providing library services and provide access to online research resources.

Journal of Library Services for Distance Education
This is a "peer-reviewed e-journal, International in scope, publishing refereed articles focusing on the issues and challenges of providing research/information services to students enrolled in formal post-secondary distance education."

Library Support for Distance Learning
This page is supported by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This is a wonderful resource with loads of information on distance education and library support for distance education. It contains a list of links to articles, papers, websites, and much more in the field of distance learning.

Virtual Library: Resources You Can Use
This page is maintained by the Benton Foundation. It contains information and links to information on the role of libraries in communities, libraries and technology, and profiles in connectivity. Also included are links to several other library/ technology resources.

WWW Library Support for Distance Learning Project Page
This site is maintained by the Libraries at the University at Buffalo. "With funding from the SUNY Office of Educational Technology, the libraries at Buffalo, Binghamton and Plattsburgh conducted a year-long study of the feasibility of delivering library resources and services over the Internet to students enrolled in distance education programs offered by the three schools. The three libraries collaboratively developed experimental services making use of the hypertext linking and organizational capabilities of the World Wide Web to provide integrated access to a variety of course-related materials. This included materials developed by the course instructors themselves, such as lecture notes and homework assignments, as well as electronic library resources including electronic course reserve readings, bibliographic databases, and full-text electronic journals. In addition, links to Internet-based resources provided students with access to a wealth of supporting research materials. This web site describes the project in detail and includes links to related project articles and reports."

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Planning Online Learning

Select one of the annotated listings below to view Web sites about course development in an electronic environment. Both web course page and multimedia development are covered in these sites.

Plato Learning
Plato Learning is the "first and most innovative educational technology company... and continue to lead in providing prescriptive, personalized instruction, technology-based teaching tools, and standards-driven assessment and data management to facilitate continuous academic improvement for K-adult learners."

Academic Technologies for Learning
"Academic Technologies for Learning (ATL) is an institutionally, nationally and internationally recognized leader in the production, implementation and evaluation of technology enhanced teaching and learning." Their mission is to "facilitate and transform teaching and learning through reflective application of educational technologies."

California Distance Learning Project
This site provides links to introductory information about distance learning, strategies for distance learning and models of delivery systems. for designers!
This site has great resources for designing in the field of distance learning. It contains information on interface design, course management tools, and issues and answers regarding developmental delivery of distance Ed courses. Along with this, it has a list of books, a list of resources, and a list of expert bookmarks that are very helpful. The Solutions for Instructors link on this page is also very helpful. This page is a section of the site.

Strategic Plan of The Oregon Community Colleges For Distance Learning (SPOCCDL)
This page provides detailed coverage of the purpose, goals, support teams, related activities, and other distance learning links of the SPOCCDL.

Teaching & Learning on the WWW
"This searchable collection includes sites that range from courses delivered entirely via the web to courses that offer specific activities related to a class assignment or perhaps courses that offer class support materials via the web." Supplied by the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (part of the Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona), the collection can be searched by subject area (chemistry, computer, education, health, history, humanities, music, political science, and many more). While planning modular courses, faculty may use this site to find examples of course design in a specific subject area.

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Online Course Web Pages


This section supplies annotated links to examples of Higher Education and K-12 instructional pages. Each site demonstrates how web-based online learning can be employed. Some classes are taught solely through the Web and other classes use the Web in a variety of ways in traditional face-to-face classrooms.

Higher Education Examples

HNet: Interactive Teaching Resources
This page is sponsored by Michigan State University. It serves as "an index to Online Courses and Syllabi from U.S. universities and colleges. It is a useful guide to links about online instruction and courses which includes short summaries of course content and links" in a searchable database. Subject areas include: Cultural and Area Studies, Economics, History and Social Sciences, Language, Literature and Poetry, Material Culture, Science, Technology and Society, Teaching with Technology Awards, Urban Planning, and Architecture.

MindEdge (formerly CASO's Internet University and
This site indexes online courses. Users may access the online course index through an advanced search or specifically through a Search by Category or Search by School..

World Lecture Hall
The University of Texas at Austin features a directory of "links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials." Users can search the directory by keyword or locate resources alphabetically by subject.

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K-12 Examples
", Inc. offers the highest quality education over the Internet to high school students and learners worldwide. Today, we offer a complete high school diploma program from the nations first fully accredited, university-based independent study high school. Our online courses use innovative technology to maximize student learning through the use of video, graphics, sound, and text that encourages individualized discovery and learning."

Community Learning Network
"Welcome to the Community Learning Network WWW home page. CLN is designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. We have over 265 menu pages with more than 5,800 annotated links to educational WWW sites -- all organized within an intuitive structure." Major categories on the front page include educational resources organized by subject, information on how to integrate the Internet into the classroom, improvement of Internet knowledge and skills, and professional development in information technology. CLN, a not-for-profit organization, is part of Open School.
"The individuals behind are the producers of Technology & Learning magazine, SchoolTech Expo & Conference, and the Well Connected Educator Web site." Site authors include "K-12 and higher education professionals educators, administrators and consultants." This site includes recommended lists of educational pages, software reviews, and conference database.

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