Parts of a Citation

As you do your research, keep a list of your sources--books, periodicals, and the Web. Below is the type of information you need to write down from a citation with each of its important parts labeled:

For a book:

Author(s). (Date of Publication). Title of book. City of Publisher: Publisher.

Carter, R. (1998). Mapping the mind. Berkeley: University
     of California Press

For an article in a

Author(s). (Date of Publication). Title of article. Title of
Periodical, Volume Number, Page Numbers.

Ratnersar, R. (1999, January 25). The homework ate my
Time, 153, 54-63.

For a full text article in EBSCOhost:

Author(s). (Date of publication). Title of the article. Title of the Periodical, volume number, Inclusive page numbers. Retrieved [date of access], from the [name of database] database.

Cherek, D., & Lane, S. (2000). Risk aversion in human
     subjects under conditions of probabilistic rewards.
     Psychological Record, 50, 221-235. Retrieved June 1,
from the Academic Search Premier database.

For sources on the Web:

Author/editor. (Date of page creation or last revision). Full title of the web page. Retrieved [Date accessed], from [URL]

Green, C. (2000, April 16). History & philosophy of psychology
     web resources
. Retrieved May 22, 2000, from

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