Keyword Search

  • No need to use capital letters in the Library Catalog.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to find variant endings of a word. Use double asterisks (**) for more than 6 characters.
      example: alcohol* (retrieves alcohol, alcoholism, alcoholics
  • Use within # to specify words within a set range of each other.   example: Northwest within 1 Missouri within 2 University
  • You can select Boolean Operator(s) (AND, OR, or NOT) to connect words.
      example: rock within 1 music and (censorship or violence)


Let's say you're interested in finding information about whether heredity or environment is more of an influence on personality. You have heard that there are studies on this topic using identical twins.

On the next page, you will search for this topic using the Library Catalog's Keyword search.

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