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Ethics WWW Resources Sample Codes of Ethics

Ethics WWW Resources

Center for Study of Ethics in the Professions: Codes of Ethics Online
Included here is a searchable archive of a "collection of over 850 codes of ethics on the Worldwide Web." It includes "codes of ethics of professional societies, corporations, government, and academic institutions. Earlier versions of codes of ethics of some organizations represented are available so people can study the development of codes. A literature review, an introduction to the codes, and a User Guide are included." Also included is a valuable bibliography of books, articles, and cases, as well as a links section to other resources on the Web.

Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers
This online resource "provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and manangement of yourself, other individuals, groups and organizations." It contains information on what business ethics is, how to manage business ethics, and useful tools in ethics training. Also included is a bibliography of practical resources and a list of related Web links.

Ethics in Management and Ethics in International Business
Binghamton University's Libraries offers these links to additional Web sites. They contain links to information on a host of issues in the field of business ethics and provide detailed information on the ethical practices of several international corporations.

Institute for Global Ethics
"As a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, global research and educational membership organization," the Institute for Global Ethics provides resources to "promote ethical behavior in individuals, institutions, and nations through research, public discourse, and practical action." It includes links to information with the subjects of: Education, Organizational Services, and Public Policy.

Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics
The Institute is made up of "over 150 Dartmouth faculty and administrators with interests in applied and professional ethics ranging from medical, business, legal, and engineering ethics, to the ethics of teaching and research." Maintained at Dartmouth College, this site offers users links to information on Projects and Programs, ELSI Programs, Courses, Publications, Videos, Endowment, Newsletters, Ethics Competitions, Research Opportunities, and provides access to Other Ethics-related Web Sites.

International Code of Ethics for Canadian Business
The International Code of Ethics for Canadian Business displays beliefs, values, and principles that ethical Canadian businesses practice. Users may also be interested in a list of links to International Human Rights Sites which has links to human rights ethical issues.
" is your gateway to sites on the internet for Ethics!" Browse or search teh resources or check out the links included. offers legal professionals a gateway to understand the unique ethical issues raised by the Internet and Internet technology. These pages should be used for informational purposes only and not for legal use. Users can search the web site, read recent ethics articles, and access links to state ethic sites, legal ethic sites and government ethic sites, and non-legal ethic sites.

The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics
"The mission of the Centre is to bring moral philosophy into the public domain by advancing research in applied ethics, supporting courses with a significant ethical component and acting as a community resource." Users can access Applied Ethics Resources on WWW, which includes links to ethics in Business, Health Care, Research, and many more.

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Sample Codes of Ethics

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