MOBIUS Tutorial
Keyword Introduction
The keyword search is used to combine ideas or concepts using the Boolean operators AND, OR, NEAR, WITHIN.
( Note: Capitalizing operators is not required) For example:
- AND: television and violence and children
- OR: clothing or apparel or garments or attire
- NEAR: space shuttle near challenger
- WITHIN: fraternity within 3 hazing
- Nesting: (career or vocation or job) and (acting or theatre or theater)
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Tips for success:
- AND narrows your search because it requires all of the words to appear in the record. (Note: Since AND is the default search operator, entering television violence children would retrieve the same results)
-   OR expands the search because it requires only one of the terms to appear in the record. (Note: Use OR to combine synonyms or terms with variant spellings)
-   NEAR retrieves records that contain the specified words or phrases within ten words of each other
- WITHIN specifies the maximum number of words that may appear between search terms
- Several Boolean operators can be used in a single search. Parenthesis may be used to group portions of a search together. This is known as nesting. (Note: OR searches are always nested before combining them with the AND operator)
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