MOBIUS Tutorial
Advanced Keyword Searching

Truncation retrieves 1-5 additional characters. For example:

photograph* retrieves photograph, photographs, photography, photographer, photographic, etc.

photograph? retrieves photographs and photography

- Field Searching example: (a:steinbeck) and (t:grapes of wrath)
- Short Story Searching example: Entering the words Rose for Emily finds a book of short stories which includes the story "A Rose for Emily"
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Tips for success:

- Truncation allows you to retrieve singular and plural variants of keyword(s) that begin with the same root or stem. Words may be right-hand truncated using an asterisk (Use a single asterisk * to truncate from 1-5 characters. Use a double asterisk ** for open-ended truncation.) The question mark ? matches any single character within the word
-   Specify fields to search using field abbreviation. Fields available for this database are a: (author), t: (title), d: (subject), and n: (note)
-   Avoid using words of only two letters. Also avoid using common words (i.e. that, this, what, where, which, with)
- Use a keyword search to locate short stories, plays, or essays which may be included in longer works
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