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Title Introduction

This category includes titles of books, periodicals, multimedia, government documents, maps/atlases, music scores, and realia. For example:

-   Title: Gone with the Wind
-   Periodicals: Newsweek
(Note: A title search will retrieve journal titles not article titles)
-   Multimedia: Citizen Kane
- Government Document: Statistical Abstracts of the United States
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Tips for success:
- Beginning articles can be omitted (the, a, an, der, la, los)
- When "a", "an", and "the" are not used as initial articles, but are acronyms of the title, repeat the initial letters. For example, in THE Journal, THE is an acronym for Technical Horizons in Education
- Ignore capital letters or punctuation. Do not abbreviate words
- Beginning with the first word(s) of your title, type as much or as little of the title as you know (MOBIUS will automatically truncate your search)
- To stop truncation in the MOBIUS catalog use the | bar symbol
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