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Northwest Missouri State University

Faculty and Staff Directory





Daniel Biegelson 660.562.1266 dbiegel English
Kori Binette 660.562.0811 binette English
Dr. Ashley Davis Black 660.562.1853 adavis English
Dr. Richard Black 660.562.1744 rblack English
Stancy Bond 816.344.6220 stancy English
Dr. Wayne Chandler 660.562.1860 chandlr English
Jaime Collins 660.562.1265 jaimec Office Manager
Dr. Eric Dickey 660.562.1737 edickey Modern Languages
Dr. M. Melissa Elston 660.562.1743 elstonm English
Dr. John Gallaher 660.562.1739 jjg English
Dr. Robin Gallaher 660.562.1740 rcg English
Tom Hardee 660.562.1374 thardee English
Dr. Joseph Haughey 660.562.1389 haughey English
Dr. Michael Hobbs 660.562.1285 mhobbs English / Department Chair
Brenda Lewis 660.562.1566 bklewis English
Dr. Jeffrey Loomis 660.562.1267 jloomis English
Dr. Ildiko Olasz 660.562.1567 olasz English
Dr. Jose Palacios Perez 660.562.1268 jpperez Modern Languages
Dr. Mary Richards 660.562.1745 brichar English
Luke Rolfes 660.562.1748 lrolfes English
Marcy Roush 660.562.1612 mroush Modern Languages
Brenda Ryan 660.562.1558 bryan English
Dr. Jenny Rytting 660.562.1741 rytting English
Richard Sonnenmoser 660.562.1742 rsonnen English
Dr. Christopher Strelluf 660.562.1997 cstrell English
Kenton Wilcox 660.562.1854 kwilcox English