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Northwest Missouri State University

Kansas City Center Frequently Asked Questions

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Education Degrees

Can I get all the classes I need for my graduate program at the Northwest Kansas City Center?

Yes, all of the courses required for each of the Master's/Specialist Programs advertised at the Northwest KC Center are available on site.

How long will it take to complete my Master's Program?

All programs operate on an open cohort basis, which means that you may enter a program any given trimester. Depending on how quickly you want to progress, it is possible to complete a Master's Program of 32 hours in 18 months to 2 years. For a variety of reasons (time commitments, finances, etc.), you may desire to take longer than this amount of time.

What is the cost per graduate credit hour?

The fee schedule for one graduate credit hour can be located on the Fee Schedule page.

Do I have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)?

Some graduate programs do list the GRE as a requirement for admission to the program. There are several programs, however, that have substituted other requirements for the GRE. It is very important that you read the admission requirements for their programs carefully to determine if the GRE is still listed as a requirement for admission.

When and where can I take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)?

For more information on testing centers, dates, and times, please refer to the ETS website.

What is the TLE and DAE?

TLE is the Teacher Leader Exam while the DAE stands for Departmental Admission Exam. The DAE is used as a requirement for admission in the administrative Education Leadership Programs and the TLE is used for the Teacher Leadership Program. If you have taught two or more years, you may take the DAE or TLE rather than the GRE. The DAE and TLE are given at the Center at no cost to you.

What is the writing sample and when do I take it?

The writing sample is a requirement for admission in most Master's level programs. This requirement may vary depending on the program you are seeking.  Some programs have writing samples while others only require the writing portion of the GRE.  Refer to admission requirements in your program of study for more information. 

For programs with a departmental writing sample requirement:  You will provide a sample of your writing skills by responding to a prompt provided by the specific department. The sample is evaluated on the basis of your ability to express your thoughts in written form, and your ability to demonstrate mastery of basic writing skills such as punctuation, spelling and grammar. Two separate dates are provided each trimester from which you can choose to satisfy this requirement. 

What should I do if I want to begin a graduate program and enroll in classes?

If you are interested in applying to Graduate School and enrolling in classes, you should begin by completing the free Application for Graduate Studies. Application forms are available at the Kansas City Center or online. In addition to submitting an application, you should contact the school where you completed your undergraduate/graduate work to request that your transcripts be sent to Northwest. These transcripts must be official copies. After these two steps have been taken and you have received your program acceptance information, you are eligible to enroll in classes. Assistance is available at the Center for enrollment.

When do I pay for classes in which I enroll?

You will receive a confirmation of enrollment in the mail.  This confirmation will not include the dates and times of classes (view class details on CatPAWS for more information).  The University will process each registration form and you will be notified by mail of your enrollment in specific classes. The enrollment form will be forwarded to the Bursar's Office where fees will be assessed and an invoice will be sent to you.  Your bill will be mailed around the 25th of each month. Payment is due by the 15th of each month.

Can I enroll for classes online?

You may enroll online for the upcoming trimester if you are enrolled in classes during the present trimester and have received your Alternate PIN from your advisor.

Business Degrees

Will all of the coursework, tests, and advisement be available at the Kansas City Center?

Yes, please refer to the calendar for more information on Advisement/Information Sessions.

What am I required to have for entrance into the M.B.A. program?

  • Have complete application on file
  • Have GPA (undergraduate) of 2.5 
  • Have graduate admissions test (GMAT or GRE) if required; may receive waiver if eligible
  • Have official transcripts on file in Graduate Office

Do I have to take a Graduate Admissions Test?

All students are required to take a graduate admissions test unless they would like to petition to waive the requirement due to extensive work experience.  Each petition is considered on a case by case basis. If you scored at or above the 70th percentile on the Major Field Achievement Test, the graduate admissions test requirement may be waived.

GMAT Requirements:

  • Formula used:  200 x undergraduate GPA + GMAT must = or > 950
  • The minimum score accepted is 440.

GRE Requirements:

  • The minimum scores accepted on the GRE are 360 verbal and 460 quantitative.

How do I request a waiver of the GMAT exam?

You must write a letter of petition to the Dean of the Melvin & Valorie Booth College of Business and Professional Studies requesting the waiver.  Attach a current resume and at least one letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor.  Your petition should include such information as the number of people you supervise and your fiscal responsibilities.

Must I have all prerequisites before beginning the program?

You may take prerequisite courses concurrently with graduate level courses; however, you may not enroll in a graduate course for which you have not met the prerequisite.  All prerequisite courses must be completed by the time you have completed 15 hours of graduate coursework.  The prerequisite courses required for the M.B.A. are: Accounting I, Accounting II, General Economics I (Macroeconomics), General Economics II (Microeconomics), Fundamentals of Business Finance, Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing.  

When will I become eligible for candidacy to the MBA?

Within the first 15 hours of graduate course work you will need to: 

  • Meet all prerequisites with a grade of B or above
  • Take and submit writing sample (given at Kansas City Center, check the calendar)
  • Have no less than a 3.0 grade point from courses taken
  • Have an Approved Program Form (APF) submitted
    • Your advisor will complete this with you and will have you sign it
    • You will be given a copy of this form for your records

How do I begin an MBA program with Northwest Missouri State University at Kansas City?

Come in to one of our advisement evenings shown on the calendar of events or contact the Office of the Dean in the Booth College of Business and Professional Studies at 660.562.1277 or e-mail

When may I begin coursework at the Kansas City Center?

The MBA program accepts new students each fall at the Kansas City Center.

General Information

What is Bearcat Break and how do I know if I qualify?

Bearcat Break means there is no out-of-state tuition charged for residents of the following Kansas and Oklahoma counties:

  • Kansas -- Atchison, Doniphan, Johnson, Leavenworth, Miami and Wyandotte
  • Oklahoma -- Craig, Delaware and Ottawa

If you work in Missouri and live out-of-state in counties other than those previously listed, you and your dependents are eligible to have the nonresident portion of your tuition waived. The nonresident portion of the incidental fee will be waived up to the amount of Missouri taxes paid. To receive this credit, you must submit the name of the student whose account is to be credited and a copy of your previous year's Missouri taxes to the Bursar's Office via fax at 660.562.1400 or mail it to:

Bursar's Office
Administration Building
Northwest Missouri State University
800 University Drive
Maryville, MO  64468

How do I know if I qualify for financial aid?

Graduate students must be accepted into a program of study and enrolled in at least 5 credit hours of courses each trimester in order to qualify for financial aid.  Other payment arrangements can be made with the Bursar's Office by contacting 660.562.1376.

Who do I contact to drop a course for which I have already enrolled?

You can either drop a course using CatPAWs or call the Graduate office at 660.562.1145. You ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY dropped from the course for non-attendance or not submitting coursework.

How do I know what grade I received in a course?

You may access your grades online or order transcripts from the Registrar's office.

To access your grades and unofficial transcripts online:

  1. Visit CatPAWS
  2. Select "Enter Secure Area" and proceed to the next page where you will enter your student ID (919######); for your Pin number, use either the last 6 digits of your ID number or your birthday in MMDDYY format
  3. Once you have logged in, proceed to Student and Financial Aid
  4. Select Student Records
  5. Select Academic Transcript
  6. Submit the next page by leaving All Levels and Web selected in the drop down boxes
To order a copy of you transcript please contact the Registrar’s office at 660.562.1596 or print a request online.

What is CatPAWS and how do I log in?

CatPAWS is an online resource for students to access class schedules, transcripts, current bills & grade reports, etc.

  1. Visit CatPAWS
  2. Select "Enter Secure Area" and proceed to the next page where you will enter your student ID (919######); for your Pin number, use either the last 6 digits of your ID number or your birthday in MMDDYY format

How do I access my Northwest email?

  1. Visit Northwest Missouri State University
  2. Select "Student E-Mail" from the Resources menu
  3. Enter your email login and password that you retrieved from CatPAWS (see directions below for retrieval)
    1. Login into CatPaws
    2. Select "Personal Information"
    3. On the bottom of the page, select "Northwest Email Initial Information Retrieval"
    4. Read the terms and if you agree to the conditions stated, click on "AGREE"
    5. Your Northwest email address and initial password will be displayed; once you change your password, the displayed password will no longer be valid

Email login and passwords are the same as those used for university computers on campus. Enter your new S2# only and newly created password to log on to a campus computer. This username is provided so that you can gain access to the computing services provided by Northwest. By logging onto this account, you are accepting Northwest Missouri State University's computer policies as stated in the User's Guide. Should you have problems or questions regarding your University-assigned e-mail account please contact the Client Computing-Information Technology at Northwest at or by calling 660.562.1634.

How do I automatically forward my Northwest email messages to my other email account?

You can set this up in the options menu of Outlook Live.  Click here for instructions.

What is Northwest Online and how do I log in?

Northwest Online is used for online courses and to supplement face to face courses.

To log on to Northwest Online:

  1. Visit Northwest Missouri State University
  2. Select "Northwest Online" from the Resources menu
  3. Enter your S# as the UserID
    • Continuing students: Your password is your Social Security number with no dashes
    • For new students: Your password is your 919# with no dashes