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Northwest Missouri State University

What former students have to say

"I learned a tremendous amount of Spanish, about the world, and about myself. I learned how to live completely separate from everything I know and to live in another country. I became a more independent, understanding, and compassionate person because of my semester abroad.”

Jordan Bustad
Universidad de Granada |ISA Spring 2017 |Granada, Spain

"My study abroad experience has been so amazing, I feel like it has really helped me grow as a person as I experience so many new things on my own. To study and live in another country is an opportunity you will rarely get again and I fully recommend it to anyone. It has helped me see the world from so many different people's eyes and rethink how I saw things before. It has made me appreciate everything back home so much more, but also connected me to parts of the world that I never thought I would be so sad to leave. The experience from studying abroad will impact every aspect of your life whether you realize it before or after you get back. I have absolutely loved my time abroad. I studied in Australia, but also had the opportunity to travel to other countries while here and have fallen in love with every place I have visited."

Alicia Margritz
James Cook University, ISA Spring 2017 | Townsville, Australia

"As cliche as that sounds, studying abroad changed my life. I was engulfed into a different and exciting culture where I learned many valuable life lessons about adaptation, challenges, love, traveling, friendships, and on living. My life was impacted in the most positive way and, in a good way, my heart will never be the same. "

Audrey Bolinger
Vorarlberg University of Applied Science, Magellan Exchange Fall 2016| Dornbirn, Austria

"My Study Abroad experience was absolutely amazing. It was an honor to be able to go see so much history and learn about how business is conducted on the other side of the world."

Phil Jackson
Faculty Led Business Trip, Summer 2016| Eastern Europe

“My experience has been nothing short of amazing. My classes were tough-19 chapters of material crammed into a four week class with our professor being very hard on us. The experience overall has given me a thicker skin and such a great perspective of the world we live in. So thankful for the adventures and opportunity given to me here. Great relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Lizzy Jurries
 American University of Rome, ISA Summer 2016 | Rome

"Traveling as a woman is one of the most empowering things I've done because you not only see the world and experience different cultures but you get to break the stereotypes and pre-conceived notions that cultures may have towards women. If I've learned anything it's that you have to be just as cautious as you would in the United States but if you are aware of surroundings and kind, most people are helpful and kind right back to you. I never felt threatened or in danger when I was abroad and I'm sure others have opposite stories, but in my experience traveling as a woman (even on trips alone) were the best."

Anegla Bode
FH Vorarlberg ,The Magellan Exchange Program Fall 2014 | Dornbirn, Austria

"Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I cannot believe how much it opened my eyes to business, culture, and life overseas. I made some of the best memories of my life that I will never forget. I'm trying to go back as soon as I can!"

Shelby Duren
Faculty Led Business Trip Europe 2014 | Hungary, Czech Republic & Austria

Poor cell phone service, language barriers, countless hours spent on public transportation, early morning business presentations and late nights spent dancing at the American themed 80’s disco’s all contributed to an educational experience I will never forget.  The opportunity to study abroad to Budapest, Hungary, Vienna, Czech Republic, and Prague, Czech Republic with my twenty-one fellow “EuroCats” is just another example of the educational opportunities provided by Northwest Missouri State University.

Hailey Kenkel
Faculty Led Business Trip Europe 2014 | Hungary, Czech Republic & Austria

"Everyone will tell you the same thing; that the experience was just that, an experience. And the thing about experiences is that the only way to know what it's like is to experience them. So go do it."

Duncan Kelly
University of Central Lancashire, ISEP Spring 2014 | Preston, England

"Studying abroad not only helped me learn more about myself and other cultures, but it opened the door for a future career abroad. My time in Korea was without a doubt the best 4 weeks of my entire life. I would suggest study abroad to every student. Studying abroad is a unique and worthwhile experience, both for your education, and for fun adventures!"

Samantha Heibel
ASIA Program University of Ulsan, Summer 2014 | Ulsan, South Korea

​"I left the United States hopeful to travel to many places, meet people from around the world, and expand my comfort zone. While living in Austria for a semester I achieved all of those goals and more! I truly became the person I wanted to be and my outlook on life has changed for the better. The experiences I had while studying abroad are experiences I could not have gotten anywhere else."

Hannah Wilson
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, ISEP Spring 2014 | Graz, Austria

The road had a few bumps, but I feel like it made me appreciate my experience that much more knowing that I was able to accomplish such a huge goal of mine. Vaasa, Finland will always be my second home;

Maria Mercer
Abo-Akademi Vaasa, ISEP Spring 2014 | Vaasa, Finland

Seven days out of my life was spent surrounded my people who had very little, but were the fullest, happiest individuals. No lecture or textbook could ever teach me the life lessons these strangers provided.

Reid Zimmerman
American College of Greece, MO-Greece Spring 2014 | Athens, Greece

My study abroad experience of Eastern Europe was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Who am I kidding… it WAS the most amazing experience of my life.

Shelby Duren
Faculty Led Business Trip Europe 2014 | Hungary, Czech Republic & Austria

I want to let people know that the outside world isn’t as scary as it seems, it’s just an extension of our own life onto other continents.

Stephanie Robinson
Faculty Led Business Trip Europe 2014 | Hungary, Czech Republic & Austria

“Studying abroad both inspired and challenged my perspective on the American education system as a current student and future educator.  I have been a student for about seventeen years in the United States, so studying in Australia was a strikingly different experience for me and reinvigorated my desire to learn.  The classes I took in Australia were my very first classes toward my education degree.  When I returned from Australia and continued my studies at Northwest, I felt enlightened with a more worldly approach to my education because of the hands-on knowledge I gained abroad.”

Gina Felzke
Globalinks Program University of New Castle Fall 2013 | New Castle, Australia

"It has empowered me to do anything that I want to do.  I will never forget the places, people, and understanding that I have gained through my study abroad.  It was the best decision I have made in my life so far."

Amanda Engelhart
ISEP Program Malardalen University, Spring 2011 | Vasteras, Sweden

"Studying abroad not only gave me an opportunity to learn about myself and another culture, but I was able to improve my Spanish language skills by 100%! It was definitely an experience I will never forget, and one that I encourage everyone to have."

Brandon Clark
Universidad Nacional ISEP Program, Spring 2011 | Herdia, Costa Rica

"Summer 2010, I left for Spain seeing the world through one perspective and I returned seeing it through many!  Studying abroad was genuinely the most amazing and beneficial experience for me.  Seeing historical monuments, experiencing the immersion of other cultures and stepping outside of the box is a priceless learning and vacationing experience.  I truly recommend and dare anyone and everyone to give it a try at least once!"

Jeff Paul 
Faculty Led Program, Summer 2010 | Spain

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