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Northwest Missouri State University

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants

Financial Aid | Payment Types by Programs | Scholarships

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Rights (FERPA) is a law that protects the confidentiality of student records in an academic environment. If you require financial assistance during your semester abroad you will need to take the initiative and maintain communication with the financial office. The Study Abroad Office does not have access to financially sensitive information. This includes requesting advances, applications, scholarships and grants etc.

It is your responsibility to meet with Amee Wilmes ( in the Financial Aid by calling 660.562.1988 or 660.562.1363 and to follow up to accept loans, request advances, etc.

All students require a Study Abroad budget prior to meeting with the Financial Aid Office. A financial aid consult is a requirement and part of the application process.

Financial Aid

If the student is eligible for financial aid during his/her semester program or faculty led program, the Study Abroad Office will issue a budget of total costs for the entire program; the budget will be catered to meet the student's individual requirements. It will comprise of several items including transportation and airfare to traveling expenses and meals.

This budget will be submitted to the Financial Aid office to calculate the amount of aid available for the student. The student may or may not get financial aid that covers the budget suggested by the Study Abroad Office. This depends on calculations and eligibility of the student and the family income as reported to the IRS and though FAFSA.

Steps to consider when applying for financial aid for a Study Abroad Program:

  • Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and find out your financial dependency status
  • Eligibility for federal funds is based on academic year (fall/spring) and funds are calculated based on family/student tax information. Federal aid for summer programs and loans vary by grade level (freshmen, sophomore etc).
  • After meeting with financial aid and IF you find out that you do not qualify for federal loans or scholarships ask the Financial Aid office about Private loans or alternative loans. These loans are may be harder to approve and may also require a parental/co-signer signature.
  • Many Northwest grants and scholarships that you have been receiving in the past, and that you might be eligible in the future might count towards your Study Abroad experience. However, there are various institutional scholarships provided by Northwest with different restrictions, so it is important to talk to the Financial Aid office about your options.
  • To be eligible for institutional scholarships you must be enrolled in 12 credits for a semester program and also 12 credits for summer programs (keep in mind that 6 credits in the summer is only viewed as being half time).
  • If you do not require Financial Assistance and you have grants and scholarships that you would like to use for your study abroad program, you are still required to meet with the Financial Aid Office -- remember scholarships are considered Financial Aid!
  • Note: Athletes -- you may have scholarships that apply towards your academics and sometimes your coach may help you fund your academic study abroad, however, you must meet with Amee Meade-Wilmes in the Financial Aid Office in order to secure funding.

Payment Types by Programs

Reciprocal - even exchange

Magellan Tuition to Northwest, off-campus housing paid abroad
Mexico - ITESM, UDEM, UR, ITESO Tuition to Northwest, housing paid abroad (on-campus, off-campus, and host family available)
ISEP Exchange (E*) Tuition and room/board paid to Northwest
Ulsan University,
S. Korea
Tuition to Northwest, free housing; You will receive approximately $270 monthly stipend from Ulsan for meals
Kyung Hee University; S. Korea Tuition to Northwest, housing paid abroad
Yonsei University; S. Korea Tuition to Northwest, housing paid abroad
Taiwan Tuition to Northwest, housing paid abroad
Japan Tuition to Northwest, housing paid abroad

Direct - fee set by university abroad

ISEP Direct ISEP-direct fee includes tuition and room/board
Australearn/Eurolearn/Asialearn Australearn/Eurolearn/Asialearn Fee include tuition and room/board

Fee includes housing, field trips

  • Summer = NW tuition + MO-London fee + housing expenses (TBA)
  • Fall/Spring = MO-London fee (tuition is included in this fee) + meal expenses  

Fee includes housing, tuition