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Northwest Missouri State University


General Fees

By nature of the partnership established with your home institution, incoming exchange students are waived the tuition fee. However, students must pay textbook fee, technology fee, housing fees and insurance coverage in case student decides to purchase the Northwest health insurance. Please note that ISEP participants pay tuition, room and board, to home institution, and the health insurance costs is paid directly to ISEP.

Textbook Fee

Students pay a $6* per credit hour fee for textbook usage. You will receive the textbooks required for each of your courses at Northwest. Students pick up their textbooks at the beginning of each semester and must return them by 5 p.m. of the last day of finals of the semester.

Technology Fee

Students pay a $16* fee per credit hour for the usage of a laptop computer that you will have to use during your time at Northwest. In addition to this, you will also have access to electronic classrooms

Information About Housing Fees

Wellness Services Fees

  • All first-time foreign-born students and students who have lived outside the United States for 3 or more months in countries in which Tuberculosis is endemic MUST have documentation of a tuberculosis (Mantoux) skin test administered in the United States within the past year. No exemptions. Prior BCG treatment does not change the requirement. A chest x-ray will be required for anyone with a positive skin test. Do not take this test in your home country. The TB test cost at the Northwest Missouri State University Wellness Services is: $145*.
  • Meningitis and MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines are mandatory for Northwest residents. Upon your arrival you will visit with staff from Wellness Services who will determine based on your health records (information needs to be attached or included in your health history form) whether you need or not those vaccinations. In case Wellness Services finds you will need the required vaccinations the costs are: $95* for the MMR vaccination and $134* for the meningitis vaccination.


Please note that each student is required by law to have adequate health insurance to cover the cost of medical treatment while in the United States. Northwest requires all international students to purchase health insurance either through Northwest ($675.00* per year or $379.00* for one semester) or through an insurance company of your choice. The minimum coverage is USD $50,000 per injury, $15,000 repatriation, and $10,000 emergency evacuation. Please be prepared to provide proof of insurance if you opt to purchase your own insurance. The coverage should be effective during the entire period you are absent from your country.

The coverage that the NW insurance offers is 100% of covered medical procedures with the health care providers register with this insurance, which in this case is the local hospital, St. Francis. This 100% of covered medical procedures is good up to $5000, after $5000 the plan changes to co-pay, 20% the student pays and 80% is paid by the insurance.


You will pay your housing until you arrive. Housing may be paid in full or divided in payments throughout the semester. However, during the second day of orientation, you will be required to make your first payment, which will be 1/4 of your total housing cost. You may pay with credit card, traveler checks, money orders, or cash.

*Costs subject to increase.