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Northwest Missouri State University

How to apply


Checklist to start process to study abroad

Prior to submitting application

checkbox Still looking around? 

We recommend you attend one of your information sessions or the Study Abroad Fair to learn more about our programs.

checkbox Submit an Inquiry

You can Submit an Inquiry form online or in person by stopping at the IIC front desk. Allow approximately one week to receive information in the mail.

checkbox Research the program

 Once you receive the information read through it and do some research. Look at the websites/brochures provided. To assist you with program and location selection we recommend you read "Why should you study abroad and where?" and "Considerations for program selection"

 If you have many choices narrow them down by the following:

  • Major
  • Country
  • Location
  • Program

checkbox First step meeting

Make an appointment with the office to go over the information you received, ask questions, get further information on particular university/program, etc.

checkbox Start academic planning

Selecting a site that offers your area of academic study is crucial for a successful study abroad experience.

  • Check with your academic advisor what courses you can take abroad.
  • Research possible program options; go to the universities' websites to see what courses are offered in your area of study. University Course Offerings
  • Share with your advisor what your differente options are based on the courses offered abroad. You might find this sheet helpful when meeting with your advisor: "questions to ask to your advisor".

Application process

checkbox Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office

We will help you determine that the program you have selected is a good academic match for you. Schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator, by calling 660.562.1367 or e-mailing At this meeting you will receive:

checkbox Submit your application to the Study Abroad Office

Remember! The Study Abroad Office does not accept late applications. Regardless of the deadlines listed on some our partner's websites or literature the Northwest Study Abroad deadlines are:

ISEP: January 28
All other programs: March 10

ISEP: August 28
All other programs: October 1

March 10

checkbox Obtain a Passport

Without a passport you will not be able to travel abroad or apply for a visa even if you have been accepted. Apply for your Passport as soon as you make the decision to Study Abroad. Processing can take months.

checkbox Research Visa requirements

Every country has a different application process and requirements for visa application. Some countries might request a criminal background record.

  • Find information from the program or university web site.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain information and apply for the visa.
  • The Study Abroad Office will mail the visa application for you at no additional expense.