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Northwest Missouri State University

Faculty Led Short Term Survey

Welcome back! While your experience abroad is still fresh in your mind, please take the time to answer this survey (10 minutes). The main goal of this survey is to assess the services provided by the Northwest Study Abroad Office, and the services offered by the NW Study Abroad Office and faculty director. Your responses will help us to better prepare future Northwest students to make the most of their experiences abroad. Thank you for your participation.

Semester abroad:
Faculty Led Program:
Your 919#:
Faculty Led Director:

Rate the following items by marking an X in the appropriate box. (unsatisfactory -1; less than adequate -2; fair-3; good-4; exceptional-5; N/A-not applicable)

Less than adequate
1 Informational meetings
2 Program Description (information provided by faculty)
3 Competence and accuracy of Study Abroad personnel
4 Explanation of Faculty Led Program Requirements
5 Timeliness of services provided by Study Abroad Office/faculty director
6 Financial aid information (Cost information, budgeting for program)
7 Application process
8 Study Abroad Front Desk assistance
9 Information provided on passport, visa, and travel information
10 Pre-departure orientation
11 Heath and Safety Information
12 Study Abroad Resource Room
13 Cultural preparedness
14 Information and advice received by faculty director prior departure
15 On-site orientation
16 Overall faculty organization/ planning
17 Overall quality of instruction
18 Quality of academic program and curriculum
19 Faculty-student interaction (while abroad)
20 Academic Facilities (classrooms, audiovisual rooms, etc) If available
21 Academic Resources (library, bookstores, computers, etc) If available
22 Recreational activities (field trips, extra-curricular activities, etc)
23 Language Instruction If available
24 Housing facilities
25 Exposure to a wide variety of cultures
26 Overall Study Abroad Experience

Rate the following items by marking an X in the appropriate box. (Never: 0 times- 1; Rarely <1 week-2; Occassionally: 1 - 2/week -3; Frequently: 3-5/week -4; Always: Everyday of the week-5)
Never 0 times Rarely >1 week Occassionallly 1-2 week Frequently 3-5/ week Always Everyday of the week
27 Opportunity to interact/socialize with host country nationals
28 Opportunity to interact/socialize with other international students
29 Relevance of faculty led short term program to major/minor
30 Independent learning required outside of classroom

Please answer the following questions:

1. Why did you decide to participate in this program?

2. What was valuable about your experience?

3. How did you perceive your overall learning? Describe both academic and cultural.

4. Would you be willing to participate in faculty led short term programs in the future?

5. Your input is valuable to us. Please list any additional comments you have about the program.

6. Please check which of the following activities you would be interested in participating or pursuing as a result of your Study Abroad Experience. Mark all that apply.
Studying abroad again Working abroad (post-graduation)
Foreign language learning Volunteering abroad
Graduate School Internship abroad
Getting involved with Multicultural organization on-campus Internship with international component
Volunteering time assisting exchange and international students on-campus

7. Would you be interested in studying abroad for a summer or semester long duration?