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Northwest Missouri State University

MOSAIC (Photo by University Photography)

What is MORE program?

MORE stands for Mentors Over Retention and Education. The program is run by the Office of Intercultural Affairs in the Intercultural International Center.  This program is the office's flagship support program for students of color and cultural diversity scholarship recipients. The program pairs incoming students of color with upper classmen, faculty, and staff.  The goal is to assist in a successful transition to college and if needed, adjustment to rural Missouri, a new experience for many students of color who have spent all of their lives in cities and urban areas.

Goals of MORE

To retain and graduate informed, well rounded leaders of color, fully equipped to positively impact their world. We do this by:

  1. Assisting students to transition to and succeed at Northwest
    1. Connection with fellow students and Faculty and Staff- Mentor/Mentee Relationship, Monthly Faculty Mentor Meetings
    2. Encouraging students to get involved in relevant organizations and attend events that will help develop leadership, analytical and communication.
  2. Develop Critical Thinking Skills and to help create an understanding for the need to tell one's story.
    1. Provide things other departments cannot or do not provide
    2. Exposure to a variety of relevant current and historical issues affecting communities of color through various delivery methods and discussions
  3. Empower Students for Success-Equipping students with everything they need to succeed.
    1. Help Students develop an understanding of themselves and what they bring to the table
    2. Assist students in developing skills needed to succeed in the job search process and on the job
    3. Assisting students in learning the keys for personal success such as financial management, conflict resolution strategies and emotional Maturity.

How Does the Program Work?

  1. Mentor/Mentee Matching

    Incoming students interested in the MORE program receive information about the program over the summer and at SOAR and are encouraged to fill out the online application where they indicate their interests, hobbies, personality traits and major if known. New mentees are matched with mentors (who also fill out a profile indicating their interests) along the major, personality traits and interest lines.

  2. Program Requirements

    Students participating in the program in the Fall Trimester are required to complete the following:  Weekly meetings with mentors, bi-weekly MORE team meetings, campus office visits with mentor, and participation in a registered student organization.