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Northwest Missouri State University

Student Employment Program - Job Description

Job Title

Supplemental Instruction Leader for the specific courses listed below:

  • 33-155 American Historical Survey - Johnson


Talent Development Center (TDC)

Job Description

The SI Leader offers academic support for a specific course and instructor through weekly collaborative group study/review sessions to students enrolled in the course.

In SI sessions, the SI Leader:

    • Re-attends course and offers three weekly study sessions to students enrolled in the course
    • In SI sessions, the SI Leader:
      • Actively involves learners in the course content  and suggests appropriate study strategies based on varying types of course material
      • Empowers students to take ownership for their learning and encourages academic rigor
      • Encourages redirection of questions
      • Encourages and facilitates creative learning activities (does not lecture)
      • Encourages integration of course content and learning skills
      • Encourages use of the language of the discipline to develop subject area expertise
      • Facilitates and excels in effective collaboration skills
      • Readjusts session plans quickly if students are not grasping content or delivery method
      • Develops appropriate session closure strategies that include summaries
    • Models good Student Behaviors by:
      • Takes notes in SI class each class period
      • Analyze course content to determine best  learning strategies
    • Prepares for sessions by reading text, supplemental materials, reviewing lecture notes and meeting with course instructor or SI mentor
    • Develops or locates appropriate materials and resources to help clients synthesize course concepts
    • Recruits clients by speaking with instructors, making announcements in classes, presenting, etc.
    • Submits SI Sign-in Sheets weekly and all other TDC paperwork by established deadlines
    • Attends and actively participates in weekly TDC staff professional development sessions
    • Other duties as assigned.


    • Checks & responds to Northwest e-mail daily
    • Ensures maintenance of accurate TDC records for any and all client services
    • Communicates information regarding work schedules, sickness, or any problems or concerns that you have with supervisors as soon as possible
    • Promotes SI concept and markets SI effectiveness to currently enrolled students
    • Maintains a professional and supportive relationship with the entire university community

Critical/Creative Thinking and Problem Solving:

    • Employ creativity and flexibility in all aspects of the role.
    • Structure SI session activities to enhance student learning, problem solving, & critical thinking.


    • Competence with Microsoft Office Suite
    • Checks & responds to Northwest e-mail daily
    • Utilize various technology resources to facilitate student learning

Self-Directed Learning:

    • Prepare for sessions by reading texts, supplemental materials & meeting with course instructor and TDC staff as needed for support
    • Have the ability to recognize, initiate and complete various tasks
    • Develop strategies to support a variety of student learners
    • Employ creativity and flexibility in all aspects of role
    • Engage in reflective practices to enhance facilitation skills        

Competence in a Discipline:

    • Knowledge of concepts of respective discipline
    • Use the language of the discipline

Personal/Social Development:

    • Reflect upon your strengths & abilities and share your successful experiences with others
    • Actively participate in TDC professional development experiences
    • Exhibit professionalism & positive customer relations skills
    • Support and encourage clients
    • Maintain confidentiality of clients as appropriate
    • Promote student involvement with course content
    • Work independently and with minimal supervision
    • Maintains a professional and supportive relationship with the entire university community

Team Work/Team Leading:

    • Demonstrate ability to work positively with others
    • Make referrals and connect students to resources as needed
    • Ability to effectively lead groups of students

Multicultural/Cultural Enrichment:

    • Ability to work with diverse campus populations
    • Interact regularly with international students, underrepresented populations, and students of varying academic abilities


Applicant must have received an 'A' or ‘B’ in the respective course or have exceptional content knowledge.  Preference is given to applicants who have taken the course at Northwest and with that faculty member.  Applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA and faculty recommendations are strongly preferred. SI leaders are required to attend weekly professional development at 7 AM on Tuesdays and training before the trimester begins. Instructor recommendations/references are strongly encouraged.

To apply, please submit: Application,  Resume,  and Copy of your unofficial transcripts or degree audit

Wage Rate


Hours Available

10-12 Hours

Start Date

August 27, 2015

Application Deadline

Until Filled; Please complete the attached appliction.


Kirk Skoglund


229 Owens Library




Contact the Supervisor to apply for this position. Apply for positions for which you meet the qualifications.