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Northwest Missouri State University

Student Employment Program - Job Description

Job Title

Kiln Supervisor



Job Description

To provide assistance to ceramics instructor and students in ceramics courses; Fire kilns; Clean and organize kiln room; Maintain building security; Fill bins and canisters; Clean and organize kiln and glaze rooms, clay storage areas, personal work areas inside and outside of Fire Arts ceramics studio; Complete repairs; Prepare studio materials; Act as driver for department; Other duties as assigned by department faculty


  • Utilize effective oral communications

Critical/Creative Thinking and Problem Solving:

  • Coordinate kiln firing
  • Provide maintenance and repairs to gas and electric kilns
  • Complete minor repairs on departmental equipment

Self-Directed Learning:

  • Work unsupervised
  • Have ability to recognize, initiate and complete various tasks
  • Use own judgment in situations designated by faculty

Competence in a Discipline:

  • Supervise kiln firing
  • Chisel, ground and wash kiln shelves
  • Supply cone pads for gas kilns
  • Sift clay, ashes, casting bricks, kiln slabs and plaster bats
  • Mix clay for workshops

Personal/Social Development:

  • Pay attention to detail
  • Exhibit professionalism and courtesy

Team Work/Team Leading:

  • Demonstrate ability to work positively with others
  • Assist with annual inventory of materials and supplies


  • Have ability to work with diverse on campus populations

Cultural Enrichment:

  • Obtain general knowledge of art fundamentals.


Ceramics major; Achievement of Advanced Standing; Completion of 13-161 Ceramics, 13-360 Advanced Ceramics; Must have valid US driver's license. Must have a safe driving record and meet all University requirements to drive a University vehicle.

Wage Rate


Hours Available

15 hours

Start Date

August 26, 2013

Application Deadline

August 12, 2013; Please complete the attached application.


Bobby Tso or Betty Titus


Fire Arts 117 or Fine Arts 101


660-562-1324 or 660-562-1326


Contact the Supervisor to apply for this position. Apply for positions for which you meet the qualifications.