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Northwest Missouri State University

Employee Spotlight December 2012

Northwest prides itself on creating a family atmosphere where people collaborate and work together toward the common goal of “student success – every student, every day.”  Dr. Tim Crowley, director of personal development and counseling services, does just that not only for students, but for faculty and staff as well.  As a former Bearcat, Crowley earned his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Northwest in 1985.  Crowley started his career with the Department of Mental Health, followed by 19 years with Missouri Western State University and began devoting his efforts to building relationships with others.

When the director of counseling services position opened at Northwest, Crowley wasn’t looking to leave Missouri Western, but decided to visit campus regarding this potential career opportunity.  He was impressed by the collaborative spirit that he saw among faculty, staff and students and fell in love with the student centered atmosphere that Northwest promotes.  He accepted his current position and joined the Northwest community in July of 2007.

Crowley’s greatest joys include working with students on a day-to-day basis.  “Students are passionate and love to be here,” Crowley states.  He is constantly reminded of the students’ strength to persevere and desire to be successful.  “We are here to serve, but I get so much more back through working with others.”  Throughout his career, Crowley has built life-long relationships by connecting with people and helping them to learn and grow in life. It is not uncommon for Crowley to receive weekly updates from alumni sharing about their careers, lives, and contributions to their communities. 

When asked what his greatest accomplishments have been throughout his career at Northwest, Crowley spoke to the fact that he has been able to contribute to a positive and caring culture.  Over the last several years, Crowley has worked with his team to create a strength-based model of student development that helps students learn to incorporate principles of wellness into their lives.  Counseling Services has since been renamed Personal Development and Counseling Services (PDC).  “We have changed who we are, and focus on building what is strong instead of trying to fix what is wrong.”  The commitment of the PDC is to help each student have a rewarding and successful experience and to acquire skills, attitudes and resources necessary to pursue productive and enriching lives.  Crowley and his team lead by example and teach others that all people have the ability to adapt and be resilient.  The PDC team strives to help people get the most out of life and flourish.

Crowley’s true passions include the study of Positive Psychology, building relationships and focusing on personal development and growth.  In working with the Office of Human Resources, Crowley has been able to offer our faculty and staff an opportunity to attend a five-part series entitled “Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being” throughout the fall trimester.  In this series, Crowley has taught participants that everyone has the capability to be happier.  No matter what circumstances exist or what personality type a person is born with, everyone can boost their level of happiness by taking charge and flourishing in life.  Participants of this program have enjoyed Crowley’s level of energy and enthusiasm, and just spending time making a connection with others across campus whom they may have never met otherwise. 

After working with Northwest over the last 6 years, Crowley has recently announced that he will be retiring effective August 1, 2013.  He will miss the interactions with bright and caring students on a daily basis, as well as the interactions with his colleagues and the energy they bring to work every day.  “It has been a true privilege to work here,” Crowley boasts.  Thank you, Dr. Crowley, for all that you do to serve the University, our students, and our employees.