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Northwest Missouri State University

About Us

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Health and Human Services Overview

The vision of the Department of Health and Human Services is "lifespan health and active living." This vision is to be achieved through our mission, which is "to prepare and develop professionals to become leaders in the facilitation of healthy active lifestyles throughout society and across the lifespan".

The department currently has 339 students and had 84 students graduate from the program in the past year.

Strategic Plans


  • Northwest's extensive facilities will keep you busy, whether you're in class or just having fun. The Lamkin Activity Center has been recently renovated, and the main gymnasium, Bearcat Arena, received new seats, new decor and air conditioning.
  • In the Student Recreation Center, students can walk, jog, play basketball or play racquetball. The Center is also used for classes, and students put in hours there checking out equipment and planning intramural programs.
  • At Northwest's Fitness Center, individuals may also get wellness assessments and work out. Students in the department have the opportunity to work at the Fitness Center for hands-on experience and for academic credit.
  • Northwest also has a dance studio, tennis courts, soccer field, baseball and softball field, football field and track. There is also an area for teaching gymnastics, a newly remodeled training room and a special abilities laboratory.
  • HPERD manages, develops programs and supervises a 315-acre tract of lake-front property at Mozingo Lake. The Mozingo Outdoor Education and Recreation Area (MOERA) houses a 50-foot climbing wall, a 50-foot alpine tower, fishing areas, a boat dock, and with plans underway to develop a trap and skeet area as well as field and target archery areas.

Just for Fun

Dates in History

1925 Martindale originally built
1928-35 Nell Martindale Kuchs is the women's chair
1935-76 Bonnie Magill women's chair
1945 Sigma Phi Dolphins Swim Club started by Bonnie Magill; Barb Bernard took over 1966-1988
1955 1600 students enrolled at Northwest Missouri State University
1960-92 Delta Psi Kappa; Honoree P.E. fraternity in existence
1961 Lamkin remolded originally
1966-99 Orchesis Dance Club started
1966 Volleyball started at Northwest Missouri State University
1967 Women's Basketball club stated by Janie Walker
1968 Women's Track started
1970's Archery and fencing clubs started; Tennis, bowling and softball; Started by Barb Bernard
1971-90 Dance Minor available
1971 Sherri Reeves is the 1st women's basketball coach at Northwest Missouri State University
1973 Martindale demolished, except for the gym
1973 Scholarships are formed at Northwest Missouri State University
1975 Martindale offices moved back in new building
1978-79 Two separate departments Men/Women are united as one
1980 Foster Aquatic Center opened
1984 The last year for the Physical Education lifetime certificate
1995 Lamkin renovated and new addition added; Student Recreation Center

The Project

In the spring of 2003, Dr. Jim Johnson with the Maryville City Manager, Matt Chesnut and Shelly Hersh created a City Wellness Council to address the Health and Wellness needs of the City of Maryville Employees. During the spring semester, classes of Dr. Johnson have presented numerous Wellness Programs for City Employees, as well as Needs Assessments, and a City Health Fair.

Realizing the success for a wellness program for city employees; Dr. Terry Robertson (former department chair) and Matt Chesnut (City Manager) with the approval of the City Council (Dr. Ron Moss, Mayor); the University and City created a joint partnership between the University and the City.

This partnership created a new Graduate Assistantship for the department and opportunities for Health and Recreation students to refine their crafts in working with numerous City Wellness Programs. Beginning in the fall of 2003, Dr. Jim Johnson was contracted to be the City Consultant, and since then a Graduate Assistant has been contracted to act as the City Wellness Director.

The City can boast a healthy city participation rate in year-round wellness programs and offerings do to the partnership between the University and the City of Maryville.

Empower Me

Empower me is a unique community-based project designed to build resiliency, responsibility and self respect among youth who find themselves on the pathway towards adjudication. In its pilot phase, the project served eighteen, 14-16 old youth identified and served by the first status offenders program of Buchanan Country. The primary goal of the project is to reduce the number of first offenders who remain in or return to the justice system.

Empower me was funded, designed and pilot through a partnership between the heartland Foundation of Northwest Missouri and the Juvenile Office of the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court of the Buchanan Country.