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Northwest Missouri State University

MBA Program - General

The student who chooses the general MBA option will complete seven required courses and four elective courses to comprise 33 total hours of graduate credit. Some students may be required to take prerequisite business courses prior to admittance into the program. Additionally, all candidates are required to complete a research component and take a comprehensive exam in the last term of their coursework.

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Number Course Title Hours
51-201 Accounting I
51-202 Accounting II
52-150 General Economics I 3
52-151 General Economics II
53-324 Fundamentals of Business Finance
54-313 Principles of Management
55-330 Principles of Marketing
Total Prerequisites 21

If your undergraduate degree is in business, you probably meet these prerequisites and can complete the Northwest MBA program with 33 graduate hours. If your undergraduate degree is not in the business field, you may take the prerequisite hours at any accredited four-year institution, then complete the MBA program with 33 graduate hours.

As an alternative, M.B.A. students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business may take the M.B.A. Business Foundation (54-201). This course provides the requisite knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing. This 9-hour course will not fulfill any requirement for any undergraduate business major. To meet the prerequisite requirement, students must obtain an overall score of at least 80% and a score of not less than 75% on any individual module.

Under ACBSP accreditation standards, graduate students pursuing MBA degrees must complete at least 30 hours in courses reserved exclusively for graduate students (that is, 600-level courses) and that cover material beyond that contained in the undergraduate Common Professional Component (CPC) courses. (See the Northwest Undergraduate Academic Catalog for a list of CPC courses.) The Northwest MBA degree requires 33 hours. Thus, graduate students may take up to three hours of approved electives at the 500 level. Students who are advised that they must complete or supersede a prerequisite must earn a grade of “B” or above in those prerequisite courses.

Students who did not complete international business at the undergraduate level are required to take the graduate International Business (55-631) course. They must count this course for these three hours and cannot count any 500-level coursework toward MBA degree requirements.

Graduate Course Requirements

Candidates who choose the general MBA program must complete the following required courses if all prerequisite courses have been completed:

Number Course Title Hours
44-623 Information Systems 3
51-646 Managerial Accounting 3
52-654 Managerial Economics OR 3
   52-651 Macroeconomics for Business Managers
53-621 Financial Management 3
54-616 Organizational Behavior 3
54-618 Executive Seminar 3
55-630 Strategic Marketing 3

In addition to the seven required courses, candidates who elect the general MBA Program are required to complete 12 credit hours. Students may choose these electives from the following courses:

Number Course Title Hours
53-625 Investments 3
54-611 Quantitative Analysis 3
54-620 Advanced Human Resource Management 3
54-628 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
54-642 Continuous Improvement Techniques and Concepts 3
55-631 International Business * 3
55-635 Advanced Marketing Communication 3
  • Economics course listed above not taken as requirement.
  • Any of the Agriculture of MIS Emphasis courses may be taken as electives if all prerequisites are met.

Other electives must be approved by the student’s advisor in advance. No more than three (3) hours of 500-level courses may count as electives. The following non-business courses may be taken as electives with prior advisor approval:

Number Course Name Hours
Ag 03-504 Futures Marketing (Agriculture) 3
Pol Sci 34-525 Transnational Politics 3
CSIS 44-618 Project Management in Business and Technology
CSIS 44-626 Multimedia Systems 3
CSIS 44-628 Advanced Decision Support Systems
CSIS 44-645 Computers and Networks 3
CSIS 44-660 Database Design and Implementation 3
Psych 08-526 Psychology of Leadership 3


* Students who did not complete a course in international business at the undergraduate level must complete 55-631 International Business as one of the elective courses.