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Introduction to Tk20

Sending Tk20 Assignments to Your Course

There are many ways to assess students using Tk20. The most common is to send a Tk20 assignment to your course.  Here are instructions on how to do this.

Tk20 Assessments by Type

Besides course-based assignments, there are many other ways to assess students in Tk20. Below is a list of directions outlining those options.


Only the administrator (Mike McBride, can send a portfolio assignment in Tk20. Please contact him to do so. Portfolios can be sent to any group of students, whether in a course, field experience or cohort. View Instructions » View PDF

Dispositions and Other Observations

Students in field experiences and courses can be assessed on their skills and behaviors using observation forms. View Instructions » View PDF

Mini Dispositions

If you feel that one of your courses had a substantial field experience you can assess your students and using a Mini Disposition form. This is just a short version of the Niagara Disposition form. It is completed by the on-site field experience supervisor and then sent via email or mail to the TESS office to be input into Tk20. Instructions you can send to your students and the form itself are listed below.

Educator Improvement Plan


Diversity Experiences and Forms

Students are required to complete diversity hours in their programs. This includes 30 hours for undergraduates and 12 for graduate students. These experiences must be logged by students in Tk20.  They can either be sent to them as an assignment in the system or uploaded as an artifact. If you would like to send an assignment in a course that includes diversity hours please contact Mike McBride at For more information about diversity hours, eligible experiences and how students can log these experiences in Tk20, visit

Surveys and Quizzes

The administrator, Mike McBride ( can send quizzes or surveys to students or faculty via Tk20. If you would like to utilize this feature please contact him.

MEGA Assessments


The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has mandated a list of assessments for all Missouri education students known as the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA). This suite of assessments has caused some confusion among students and faculty. We have developed a website to answer most of those questions, visit


The most complex MEGA assessment is the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA). Teacher candidates must complete this during their student teaching semester.

Student Teaching Applications in Tk20

Advisors must review applications for student teaching. View Instructions » View PDF