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Northwest Missouri State University

Missouri School Counselor Performance Assessment

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The Missouri School Counselor Performance Assessment (MoSCPA) is a performance assessment now required by DESE for new Missouri school counselors.

Learn more about this assessment » 

In addition, view the contents of a webinar View PDF completed 10/7/15 on the MoSCPA and its requirements.

Important Dates

Task Tips

Suggestions for Task 1

  1. Read the entire instructions of the Internal Improvement Review (IIR).
  2. Pay special attention to resources listed in the IIR. 
  3. Add resources that may not be listed. 
  4. Consider using additional human resources other than site supervisor.
  5. Include decision making process in evaluating scores and determining appropriate score.
  6. Explain process in a step by step manner and make sure to provide rationale.
  7. Choose logical area for improvement based on the scores/percentages calculated.
  8. Choose one area for improvement and not the entire School/Districts’ Comprehensive Guidance Program. 


Suggestions for Task 2

  1. Bold the important words in responses to help the reader find the pertinent information easier; writing responses in an outline format could also be helpful. Example: Give your reason for choosing the pre/posttests.
    • The tests were already included with the guidance units found on DESE's website
    • Both tests need to be short and were easy to understand
    • The tests can be put online, which makes scoring less time consuming
  2. Be specific and clear with answers and know the differences between rationales and examples.
  3. Understand the difference between a guidance curriculum lesson and a counseling small group.  This task asks for a curriculum lesson and not a small group activity.
  4. Know the difference between behavior management skills and teaching strategies.
  5. Know some specifics for each of the 4Program Components of MCGCP and how each connects to post-secondary education/careers (even elementary lessons) and this lesson.
  6. Know the 3 Content Areas of MCGCP and how to write a GLE; the Big Idea is not the GLE.
  7. Read the Task several times before answering prompts and reread the responses to ensure that the entire prompt was answered thoroughly. View the response as if it were a first draft of a paper and know that several changes may need to be made before the final version is submitted


Suggestions for Task 3

  1. Emphasize rationale
  2. Emphasize interactivity
  3. Emphasize rapport building
  4. Develop flow from plan to implementation to analysis to reflection
  5. Treat guiding prompts as thesis
  6. Proof essay
  7. Make sure evidence is in the appropriate textbox
  8. Note that the video provides evidence but is not scored as an entity
  9. Articulate your practice
  10. Give examples from the video to support your thesis
  11. Video will be cut to 15 minutes maximum.  Confirm everything you want to show is there, or write about it in detail.
  12. Make sure to state what your objective is
  13. Make sure person who is filming is as quiet as possible
  14. Make sure info that is related is accurate
  15. Don’t mix up the ASCA model and programs (MO, KS IL). You will definitely want to show your knowledge of the MO program (MCGCP).
  16. Task is not to teach the entire model in specific detail.
  17. Watch the video before writing responses.
  18. Review your written work as though you were an test reviewer before submitting
  19. Read handbook
  20. Make sure the presentation and video are done at an internship site
  21. The key is to build a relationship with the audience…it is not a “sit and get.”


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