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Northwest Missouri State University

Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)

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MEP Overview

The Missouri Educator Profile is a work style inventory assessment used for advisement purposes. This assessment is generally taken during a student’s first practicum experience. The cost for this assessment is $22.



The MEP is now required of all teacher candidates before they are accepted into the teacher education program.  It is also a certification requirement in Missouri.

If I have taken the MEP before, whether here at Northwest, or at a different institution, do I need to take it again?

Only one MEP attempt is required for each kind of certification, regardless of where you took it. So, if you were seeking teacher certification at a different institution and took the MEP, and you come to Northwest to finish seeking teacher certification, you do not need to retake the MEP. But, if you completed a teacher certification program at any institution (including Northwest), and took the MEP, and then came to Northwest to complete a different kind of certification (principal, superintendent or counselor), then you will need to retake the MEP.

So, only one MEP attempt is required for each kind of certification you seek (one for teacher, one for principal, etc.), regardless of the institution.

How can I tell if I've taken this before?

The MEP is generally taken by undergraduates in their first practicum course (62-420, 61-260, 61-262, 62-301, 22-260). If you have already taken these courses, there is a good chance you have taken it.

Currently the MEP is not aligned with an advanced program course (though we will change that in the future). So, at this time graduate/advanced program students will be asked to take the MEP on their own. Students can complete the MEP anywhere they have internet access, and it takes roughly 30 minutes.

We are also developing a way for you to view MEP results in tk20.

If you are not certain whether you have taken the MEP or not, please contact Mike McBride at

*If you took the MEP at another campus, we will not have record of it but Pearson will.

To contact Pearson, use this site:

If you completed the MEP you will have received a PDF report with your results. Pearson will charge you to re-release this report.

If I am already student teaching, or if I am in the last semester of my Masters or other advanced program and have not taken the MEP yet, am I required to take it?

Yes, if your program leads to certification and you have not taken the MEP yet, you should. DESE is checking certification requirements more closely than ever. Since this is a DESE requirement, we are afraid that DESE may hold up a candidate's certification recommendation if they have not completed a MEP. For $22 and 30 minutes of your time you can avoid a potential issue like this.