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Northwest Missouri State University

Adding Certification

Once you have your initial certificate in Missouri, you are eligible to add certificates in additional areas based upon completion of the content assessment or through coursework. Click here for the certifications that can be added through the content assessment. (Note: If adding middle school to a related area of Secondary Education, you must take the test entitled Professional Education 5‑9 (Test Code 062) – Not the middle school content area assessment. See the note on the DESE website listed above.)These added certificates through the content assessment may NOT be transferable to other states since you did not earn them through coursework. If you plan to move to another state and want to transfer all of your certificates, you should contact that state for additional information.

You may complete your profile and application by choosing "DESE Web Application" at the DESE Homepage or at DESE Educator Certification. As you complete your on‑line profile and application, you will take the following steps:

Requesting Analysis of Your Transcript by DESE for Added Certification

If you want an analysis of your transcript by DESE for an added certification, this is done by submitting an Application for Additional Certificate of License to Teach. By submitting this application, if you do not meet the requirements for the additional certificate, you will actually be requesting that DESE review your transcripts to determine your deficiencies. If you have completed any coursework that does not appear in your DESE Education profile, you need to send them original transcripts from the institution where you completed this coursework. DESE will send you a list of deficiencies for the certificate in about 8‑12 weeks. Once you have completed your deficiencies, you will need to resubmit an Application for Additional Certificate of License to Teach and DESE will issue the certificate.

Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education Certificates

If you are adding either of these certificates, an institution must review your transcripts for the deficiencies. DESE does not do this analysis. Please contact the Northwest Certification Office if you would like us to do this analysis.