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Northwest Missouri State University

Intramural Policies

Managers' Meetings

Meetings are held each semester to give additional information, to answer questions about upcoming intramural programs and to receive student input on new program ideas. Each fraternity, sorority, and independent team should have a representative at these meetings. They will be scheduled as needed.


All events are publicized through the Campus Recreation Office. The intramural bulletin board, located in the Student Recreation Center in room 175, will post all up-to-date information on activities for the year. The campus radio station, KDLX, and campus newspaper, The Northwest Missourian, are used as much as possible for upcoming events, results and announcements. Channel 8, Northwest This Week, and the calendar of events on INFO also list current intramural events. Check out the Student Rec Center web page.


  1. Team rosters, individual and dual entries must be submitted online by the entry deadline.
  2. New players may be added to a roster any time before play-offs for that sport start. This must be done before a player participates in a game.
  3. Entries for each sport close at noon on the day specified on the intramural calendar.


In team sports, organizations may substitute players in all contests according to the rules of the particular sport. An individual cannot be a substitute if he/she is on another team in that sport.

Forfeits and Player Minimums

  1. Entry blanks are a contract with the Campus Recreation Office to the effect that we will schedule you for competition, and you will be there. Please honor that contract.
  2. If a team forfeits, they are dropped from competition.
  3. A team will forfeit a contest when:
    a. A team is not ready to play at a game time.
    b. A team leaves the playing area before the contest is completed.
    c. A team is found to be using an ineligible player.
    d. If neither team can field a minimum line-up, it will be a double forfeit.
  4. Player Minimums: There may be penalties for playing without a full team corresponding to individual sport rules. To start a game you must have: Football-5, Basketball-3, Volleyball-4, Softball-7.


  1. If you are unable to make your game or match, call the Campus Recreation Office by 2:00 P.M. the
    day of the contest
  2. A team will default a contest when it uses an ineligible player and declares the game a default before it begins or the second default per sports season results in dropping a team from competition.


Postponements will be made only through the Campus Recreation Office. Games otherwise postponed will subject both teams/individuals to a forfeit. Decisions for rain-out days will be made at 2:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Postponement Procedures

  1. All rescheduling should be done one week in advance since alternate court or field times are
    often taken.
  2. All rescheduling must be confirmed 24 hours in advance of the regularly scheduled time by both teams/individuals.
  3. Managers should call the Campus Recreation Office and check on the availability of alternate times or days (if any).
  4. The captain should contact the opposing captain and request the change (giving them the alternate times).
  5. The opposing captain is not obligated to change the playing date.
  6. If agreed, both captains must phone in to confirm the change. The captain making the change must call in to confirm that the opposing team/individual has agreed to the change.
  7. All rescheduling steps that require contact with the Campus Recreation Office must be made between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  8. The only reason for postponements are:
    a. heavy class loads by team members
    b. players gone because of University functions

All other reasons are subject to the discretion of the campus rec coordinator.


  1. There shall be no protests allowed on judgment calls.
  2. All protests must be on interpretations or eligibility and must deal directly with the score.
  3. All protests must be made in writing by the team captain, as long as witnesses to the action which is the bases of the protest can be provided. This must be done at the time of the infraction. Notify the umpire and supervisor about the protest. For ineligible people, this must
    be done before the game is over. A written protest must be turned in within 24 hours to be valid.
  4. Any team playing with an ineligible person loses all rights to protest a game on any basis. Proof of such violation must be presented before the case can be settled.
  5. Failure to follow the foregoing provisions to the letter will automatically invalidate the protest.


  1. All current Northwest students, faculty and staff are eligible to compete in intramural sports, except as otherwise provided in the rules. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in nine hours. Dual credit students are NOT eligible to play.
  2. Men must play in the men's division, women in the women's division. Special dispensation must be approved by the recreational sports director.
  3. Graduate students may play on undergraduate teams if they are enrolled in at least 6 hours of classes. Faculty and staff may play on undergraduate teams in the fraternity and sorority division as long as the team has half or fewer numbers of faculty/staff players allowed by the team on the field or court at one time.
  4. Any individual who participated in a varsity sport during one academic year is ineligible to participate in that sport or associate sport during the same academic year. If a student did not practice with the varsity team after the first varsity contest he/she would be eligible to
    participate in intramurals.
  5. Ineligibles: Redshirts, scholastically ineligibles, JV players and members listed on rosters of intercollegiate teams; previous collegiate players in the intramural sport or associate sport that they participated in. This will be in effect for 365 days from the date of last participation. Ineligible players shall force a forfeit of the events in which they participate.
  6. Associated sports:
    football: flag football, punt-pass-kick, field goal kicking
    baseball: softball, whiffleball, home run hitting
    track: cross country
    basketball: free throw, hot shot, 3 on 3, 1 on 1, 3-point shooting
    tennis: any racquet sport
  7. Professionals competing in any related sport in the intramural program are ineligible.
  8. A pledge or associate member of an organization may participate for an organization only if he/she has not been on a roster of another team in the sport in which he/she is participating.
  9. After playing in one contest with a given team, a player may not transfer to another team in that sport. Each competing team may add names to its roster after the first scheduled contest in round robin competition, as long as the new individual has not participated with another team. No names may be added to rosters in any type of tournament. Players must
    play in one round robin contest to be eligible for play-offs.
  10. The use of an assumed name in any manner in the intramural program shall constitute a violation of the rules.
  11. Any player guilty of a fraudulent act shall be barred from intramural competition for the rest of
    the semester. The team he/she competes for could be dropped from further competition.


  1. Members of winning teams in competitive leagues receive T-shirt awards. (Limits in each sport are in effect).
  2. The maximum number of shirts awarded to a team is 3 more than the number allowed on the field or court at one time. Extra shirts may be purchased at $5 each if the names appear on the roster.
  3. A Supremacy Trophy is given at the year's end to the organization that scores the most supremacy points.


Participation in the intramural program is voluntary. Northwest Missouri State and the Intramural Program are not liable for injuries suffered by participants; therefore, all participants are advised to have proper medical coverage before participating. If you are injured during an intramural contest, the officials and supervisor will give any assistance possible. If you wish to go to the hospital, the supervisor will summon transportation. The injured party assumes liability for any transportation and/or medical charges.

Suspension and Rules of Conduct

If a player is ejected from a game, he/she is suspended indefinitely from all intramural competition pending an interview with the director, who will determine the length of the suspension period.


There will be sufficient equipment available for most sports. However, for practice, individuals are encouraged to use their own equipment or check it out from the SRC.


Officials are paid in flag football, basketball, volleyball and softball. Any student wishing to officiate should apply at the Campus Recreation Office in the SRC at least two weeks before the season starts. Training exams and clinics will be held to help the officials better themselves.