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Northwest Missouri State University

 Students Using Computers for Crisis Response Simulation (Photo by University Photography)

Network Stability Assurance

Preserving access to information resources is a community effort that requires each member to act responsibly to safeguard network performance and stability. Therefore, both the community as a whole and each individual user have an obligation to abide by the standards set forth in this document to assure network stability and availability.  Northwest’s information technology policies outline the standards for acceptable use of campus information technology (IT) services and resources that include, but are not limited to, networks, hardware, software, telephone and data lines whether owned, leased, or otherwise provided by Northwest Missouri State University.  These policies apply to all faculty, staff, guest users and students. 

Campus IT resources, including bandwidth and IP addresses, belong to the University. These resources do not belong to end-users. Northwest’s IT policies ensure the availability of campus resources and approved uses are not interrupted.  The Information Technology department will manage and allocate bandwidth by application priority.

Campus Network Violations

Certain types of hardware and/or programs are prohibited on the campus network except those maintained by the Information Technology department. 

Information Technology will actively monitor for the use of these types of hardware and software.  If prohibited hardware or software is detected, university staff will attempt to notify the users to have them remove the hardware or software from the Northwest network.  If the hardware or software is adversely affecting network performance and stability, it will result in the immediate disconnection of network connectivity.  Equipment and programs that are violations include, but are not limited to:

What is Prohibited & Why?

The list below are violations because they can and will interfere with the normal operations of the network.  Such programs and devices interfere by doing the following:  a) taking up too much bandwidth and thus, slowing down the network, b) interfering with the campus firewall, which can result in network downtime, c) try to incorrectly take over a network operation that is currently performed by Northwest networking equipment, which can negatively impact the network’s functionality, or d) act as a “spy” to gain access to  private data.

Acceptable Resources & Uses

Students, faculty and staff may use the Northwest network for most academic and personal tasks, such as searching the internet, chatting via a messenger program, sending email and any other activity that does not negatively impact the normal operations of the campus network.  Some acceptable uses of the campus network include, but are not limited to, the following:

DSL Service

Since network game playing on the Northwest network, as well as, game equipment like XBox or Wii are not permitted on the campus network, you might want to consider purchasing DSL from the local telephone company if you are a dedicated game player.  You will be purchasing DSL service independently from Northwest and thus, unlike with the Northwest network, Northwest will not maintain or repair the service.  Contracts, repairs, billing and payments are solely between the purchaser and telephone company.

Northwest owns the Ethernet port and TV connection port in your residence hall room and provides services for these ports.  Since Northwest provides both internet and cable television, you cannot use these ports for DSL.  You are, however, allowed to use the telephone jack in your dorm room as the access port since Northwest does not provide telephone service.  Be sure not to connect to the DSL service and the Northwest network simultaneously.